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Moving abroad may sound a bit frightening - after all, it means being surrounded by strangers, in a new place, having to adjust to a new culture. You would have to leave behind everything you know and love.

But if you take your eyes off the challenges, you will realize there are numerous ways in which moving to another country can improve your life incredibly and make you happier.

1. Leaving your comfort zone

This is something that is bound to happen once you move abroad and it will be visible in every aspect of your new life, whether it is filling in the visa and housing forms, buying groceries or getting around the city. And it is a great thing - you will have the opportunity to test yourself in many ways - your flexibility, your skills, your patience.

This will help you build your self-confidence and make you independent, which will feel great. Of course, you should expect problems, but you will enjoy the ride.

girl overlooking the forest

2. Learning new skills

Yes, maybe this is the obvious fact at first - you will have to learn a new language, but that's not all. You will have tons of opportunities to develop new skills or to start using skills that you've never had the chance to use back at home.

Sometimes they would just be put aside while you were doing the same thing day after day, but a new country means different needs, maybe just the ones you already have hidden skills for. There are things about you have overlooked for sure, and they will have their moment to shine once the circumstances have changed.

Just think of all of those people who quit their job of 10 years and learn to do something new abroad and now they are hugely successful? That could be you!

man being creative

3. Getting a different point of view

Traveling and living abroad will make you open-minded on levels you couldn't believe - you will be faced to a different culture and norms, a different way of life - all of that will force you to ask yourself a question - What is the norm of living?

There are different standards where you were born, and you will have to reflect on that and see it under a different light- The political and religious views you will face, the ideals you will come to understand - they will all contribute to a gaining a different perspective.

4. Learning new thing about yourself

It's not just about learning about new things and people around you. It is also of getting to know yourself and what you are really striving to become. When thrown into a new environment, everybody will have to get accustomed to different rules, from the big stuff to the small things like asking for bread in a foreign language.

This is the time when you will become more reflective of your own wishes. Some people move abroad only to realize what they truly want out of their lives. You will discover some hidden parts of you.

person with suitcase looking into a sunset

5. New friends and business connections

There is nothing better than finding a person in another corner of the world that is just like you. But let's not forget the great feeling of making friends with people who are very different from you in sense of culture and way of life, but whom you still enjoy being with.

Of course, there is the additional benefit that any kind of connection can eventually become a business opportunity. The point is - the more people you meet and make friends with, the richer you'll be.

A couple of tips for the very beginning
  1. Do your homework

You need to make sure to put all of your traveling documents in order before you leave your home country. Some countries have far more complicated processes with issuing visas and work permits, so it's better if you consult with lawyers specializing in immigration laws that won't miss a thing to get you valid residence and work permits.

  1. Learn the basics of the local language

Nobody is asking you to be prepared for philosophic discussions in a foreign language the moment you arrive there, but a few words like "hello", "thank you" and "please" will say a lot about who you are as a person. People appreciate when someone makes an effort to talk to them in their language, and you will get a smile and a person ready to help you.

asian language on the concrete

  1. Sign up for a class immediately

The best choice for a class would be learning the new language, if only for survival reasons. But the real reason behind this is to stop being a stranger to everybody as soon as possible - you won't know anybody and you need to change it fast. Expose yourself to people and you will find the ones that you feel comfortable with.

All in all

Moving abroad will clearly change your life for the best. It will enrich you in every way imaginable. If you have any doubts because of possible challenges, just remember what you could gain from this experience.


leila dorariAbout Leila Dorari
Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and self-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. Currently, she is spreading the word about the different challenges one can take in order to upgrade their life. In her spare time, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.