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The Wellbeing at Work Event provides a forum for businesses to hear, meet and discuss wellbeing initiatives with leading experts and practitioners to equip businesses with the tools to introduce or improve wellbeing programmes in the workplace.

Corporate wellness is helping organisations to attract and retain talent, reduce absenteeism and create happier and healthy workplaces!

The Wellbeing at Work Event includes a programme of influential speakers, debating panels, workshops and networking sessions where delegates can ask questions, exchange ideas and share experiences on a subject that will change the world of work forever. The conferences happen all over the world and provide a precedent for global change!

conference room

Randy Taran, the CEO of Project Happiness, hosted the event and spoke to some amazing change-makers. The day began with a discussion with Liane Hornsey, the SVP & Chief People Officer at Uber, and her reaction and implementation of workplace policies following the Susan Fowler blog. Another stand out discussion was a panel debate on "People at the Heart of Positive Workplace Culture" with representatives from Reddit, Finwell Benefits, Ridecell and Gitlab.

"If employees know that they (and their families) are well taken care of with great health and wellbeing benefits that brings security and builds a positive work environment" - Nancy Koshiyama, VP of People and Happiness

Finally, Randy spoke with Joanna Riley from Censia. The highlight of the day!

"One thing I know about this audience -  you deeply care about people and you all work so hard to make positive change. I am thrilled to be in a room full of changemakers!" - Randy Taran, CEO and founder of Project Happiness

liane hornsey

panel debate

Joanna riley