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How to Meet All of Life with Love
by Lisa Young

Is meeting every person, experience and situation in your life from a place of Love really possible?

Or is this amazing experience available only to enlightened masters, or those meditating many hours a day, living separate from the world?

When we truly realize and trust that we are created from the fabric of Love, and thus this frequency lives in us, activating it feels not only possible, but inevitable. Love is in our DNA. Our Blueprint. Even if we are not feeling it coursing through us at the moment, it is still who we are; waiting to be realized. And the more we put our focus on awakening the Love within us, the more it shows up. Often in surprising ways. Love can take our breath away. Move us to tears. Push us to do things we never could have imagined. It is the most powerful catalyst in the Universe and with practice can completely quiet the other dominating catalyst in our world: fear.

So, how do we activate this LOVE within us so profoundly that it becomes our dominant reality with all people and situations? There are infinite pathways to remembering and experiencing ourselves as Love. Here are a few suggestions that I have found to be very powerful:


Notice what you love, every chance you get. Express your love at every opportunity. Along with sharing the Love vibration out in the world, it trains your awareness of when you are feeling love.

Spend time with anything that organically creates the experience of love in you, such as a child or a beloved pet. Focus on love like you would a skill that you want to hone in yourself. Through focus on anything that brings up the feeling of love in you,  this powerful energy becomes enlivened.

It is very helpful to create a morning prayer that reinforces this desire and intention. For example you may say every morning upon awakening: “I am intending to activate the Love within me today in every way with all people and all situations. I am intending to feel Love coursing through me as my dominant experience today and to radiate Love and Harmony to all those around me.

Your first thoughts in the morning are very key in creating a powerful template for your day. Harness the power of the moment to focus in on what you want to experience for the day and repeat it out loud to yourself.


And this includes judgment of yourself as well as others. Where there is judgment, love is more difficult to access. Judgment focuses on what is not right, while love will zero in on the beauty, the brilliance and a higher understanding of someone or an experience. Love helps you find your true self, your exquisite essence that is perfect and beautiful beyond all comprehension.

Catch the voice of judgment and change it to this voice of love. At times of self judgment, think of yourself as a small child learning and finding their way. Speak to yourself as you would this precious child. Ask to see others through these same eyes when you are feeling judgmental. It does not mean you turn a blind eye or ignore misaligned behavior, rather you hold the person in compassion and love while discerning the most aligned course of action.

Love helps us move into and recognize thoughts and plans that align with the highest good of all. We become able to “work” at a higher level in all situations with a macro understanding of what is unfolding, rather than a limited scope grasped by our human mind and ego. Inside the Love frequency, we find ourselves moving into possibilities, solutions and connections that were not available to us before. We shift into a new level of consciousness which holds infinite potentiality.


Speak to yourself with the words and energy you would want to hear from your most precious Beloved. Every cell and every part of your being is listening and absorbing your self talk. In the beginning you may not believe it, do it anyway. You may make  yourself laugh with your comments of self love and self-appreciation. Eventually self-love becomes integrated into the fabric of your conscious self.


This is the final step because it is a culmination and integration of all the previous openings. As we fall in love with ourselves and learn to meet life with the eyes of love not judgment, we find that we begin to radiate love as our normal state of being. We cultivate it so strongly within us, practice it daily, and invite in this Love Stream until it becomes powerfully awakened and pulsing through us and out of us.

It is at this level that we can change the world merely by our Presence. We begin to work at a massive, global level that is much more about “being-ness” than “doing-ness”. We can manifest and create quite easily at this level of frequency as we are in alignment with the Power and Force of the Universe and all of Creation. As a result, our creations carry and emanate this massive Love.

It is at this level that Jesus and Buddha walked the Planet. And now it is possible for everyone to walk the Earth at this same level. We are ALL Masters-in-training, awakening with our unique experience, voice, creations and life.

We are all LOVE.


Lisa Young
She is a Visionary and Spiritual Thought Leader. Her private practice as an Energy Medicine Consultant, has allowed her to support individuals and groups in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self. From these profound experiences, along with her own spiritual awakening, she shares an understanding of the extraordinary plan unfolding on the Earth: One person…One new thought…One new possibility….A Whole New Earth.

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