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When I was growing up, it was OK to show the so-called “positive” emotions, like happiness, excitement, amusement or love – no one had a problem with that. But, if I expressed confusion, or sadness, or anger, that did not go over quite as well. Have you ever felt like you had permission to display a happy demeanor, but when you wanted to get real, certain people wanted to run the other way? And, maybe you led the pack, running to avoid/deny those feelings too…


I have one thing to say: WASTED OPPORTUNITY!  What? Yes, it turns out that all the emotions: the happy, the sad, the beautiful, the ugly, even the embarrassing, all carry information to guide us forward.  When we know how to decode them, our emotions are there to give us VIP access to exclusive insider information that we can use to our own advantage… if we know how.


When so many in our community were asking more questions about anxiety, anger, and fear, I knew it was time to go deep and even answer some questions for myself. So began the journey…and it’s been a wild ride.


Writing “Emotional Advantage: Embracing ALL Your Feelings to Create a Life You Love” was not only my journey into the tough emotions, but a chronicle of the best ways to glean their wisdom, and harness all that powerful energy for moving ahead. 


This is all about becoming self-aware, breaking free of old patterns, and accessing state of the art strategies to springboard into a much happier and fulfilling life. Can you tell I am a little excited about this area?


It has been thrilling to talk with people  all over North America, South America, Sweden, and  India, and have the book translated into many languages, including  Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Serbian, Israeli,  Japanese and more…


And I can't say enough about the media tour – it’s always such a joy to share the word, like this one from CBS morning news in Washington DC.


Some of my favorite interviews though come from podcasts and radio where we have more time for intimate questions, like Jenny McCarthy on Sirius to Awakening Radio from Canada were amazing. Listen or watch one of my favorite high energy conversations with Michael Sandler on his podcast Inspire Nation here. (Woohoo!)


Here are 5 thoughts for you to use right now:

  1. Connect and gently be with your emotions – they are sharing often life-changing information.


  1. Carve out some quiet time to tune in, and in a journal, jot down whatever comes to mind  - no judgment, just release. Ask: "what I this feeling trying to tell me?"


  1. Choose one small step to move you forward  -  make that call, send that email,  write down a vision that compels and excites you.


  1. Challenge yourself and access new strategies on  awareness, self-compassion, and confidence  through something I am so excited to share:  my 7 day FREE Emotional Empowerment Challenge.  Easy, fun, effective! 


  1. Community:  If you haven’t already, grab the Emotional Advantage book, and write a review – the most powerful way to grow this movement.


If you are super-motivated and want to play a bigger game and learn how to coach yourself, you can take the conversation deeper here.


Your emotions are telling you that it’s time to pay attention, use their generous guidance and create your very best life. You can do it - starting right now!