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Project Happiness Clubs are thriving at a time when an increasing number of states  are requiring Social and Emotional Learning in their schools. Teen Suicide Prevention was the focus of World Mental Health Day and teaching empathy is being recognized as a major key for Social and Emotional Learning

There were several highlights in 2019 for Project Happiness Clubs around the United States.  We have a total of 30 high schools that are officially participating through their sponsorship with the LG: Experience Happiness Initiative, impacting over 35,000 students, and many more who have begun programs without the sponsorship, not including family, faculty and communities who benefit from the work of the Project Happiness Club Program.  


Some of the Highlights from 2019! 

International Day of Happiness: Project Happiness District Greenburgh-North Castle School District teamed up with LG and Daybreaker celebrity choreographers to celebrate this years' UN Sanctioned International Day of Happiness on the top of the World Trade Center with yoga, influencers, activities, and, of course, a huge dance party.  


Student Service Projects

Each Project Happiness Club completes a student chosen service project to complete each spring bringing together the importance of showing leadership, purpose, meaning, compassion and altruism as essential components of one's happiness. Projects this year ranged from environmental cleanup, to volunteering with the at risk populations and domestic abuse shelters, to raising money for Students Rebuild. Mount Horeb High School raised over $2,000 for Ocean Conservation through a school-wide art project which was featured at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago this summer. 


LG and Partners Receive Corporate Corporate Leadership Award from NABL

Abby Wilson and the Albert Einstein Project Happiness Club was able to join Project Happiness and other LG Partners in Washington, DC this June as they received the Corporate Leadership Award from the National Association of Broadcasting Leadership.  Singer John  Legend was also a recipient as were a few students from our new school for the 2019-2020 School Year, North Coast Technical High School in Florida.


Influencer Video with Krave Studios

Speaking of North Coast Technical High School, our Project Happiness Club students, all film students, are prominently featured in this influencer video that was made pro-bono by travel and influencer partners to be released during the gratitude season.  It discusses the importance of the global anxiety problem, and goes around the world showcasing our Science Backed Happy Habits that can help combat the problem.  You can catch that video here, on our Social Media Outlets, or on your favorite influencers page. 



We can't wait to see what 2020 brings! 

Contact info@projecthappiness.org if you'd like to start a Project Happiness Club at your school!