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We are excited to announce that our CEO and Founder, Randy Taran, has been featured on The Happiness Club Interview Series

She was interviewed by Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Happiness Expert and Founder of The Happiness Club, Jo Howarth.

The interview series stars happiness experts from around the world.

Randy and Jo, two females leaders in the Happiness industry, talked through a variety of questions. Things like; what gives you the biggest buzz in your work and in your life? If you could give us one top tip for a happy life, what would it be?
Jo said on her Facebook page this morning, "Oh my woolly word I'm so excited!

Finally able to start sharing a project I've been working on for the last few months, a series of interviews with people from around the world all about my favourite subject.....can you guess what it is? Happiness! The first interview is with Randy Taran, the CEO of Project Happiness!"

Don't miss this great interview! Watch below: