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We’re so excited to announce our partnership with Reader’s Digest in search of the Nicest Places in America!

Founder and CEO of Project Happiness Randy Taran will be a guest judge in search for the Nicest Place, along with amazing co-judges Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, USA Today’s 10best.com, YMCA and other Partners.

“At Reader’s Digest, we’re betting on that hard-wiring, on the media messages that are gaining traction, and on our “better angels.” That’s why we’re resuming our search for the Nicest Places in America. Last year, we hit a nerve. A call for nominations brought us 300 from across the USA. We published nearly 200 of them on our website and then chose 10 finalists.

Gallatin, Tenn., our 2017 winner, is a growing city where historical racial divides are healing even amid tragic violence.

Because Nicest Places is about people, we don’t judge our nominees with an algorithm that scrapes Twitter or measures charitable giving — it’s about their stories. So, along with our partners, like the YMCA, Project Happiness, USA TODAY Network's 10Best and the Urban Libraries Council, we ask you to share yours. If you know a place where people treat each other with dignity and respect and assume the best of strangers, we want to spotlight its dramatic story. It can be a small town, a big city neighborhood, a place of worship or business, a community center, or any other kind of place you can think of.

Go to RD.com/Nicest-places-contest to nominate your place anytime in the month of May, and check back in June to see whether your place was named a finalist. All finalists will be covered in our magazine. We can never tell too many stories of Americans who trust each other to do the right thing in their communities. That’s the best way we know to reflect our better angels and inspire them as well.” –Bruce Kelley, Editor in Chief of Reader's Digest, via USA TODAY

Press Release from Reader’s Digest