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I’ve thought a lot about how to write this.  

I’ve actually sat here, on this rainy fall Sunday, and started it about fourteen different ways. So I’ve decided to just be honest. And write stream of consciousness— which is what I do— and see what comes out.

What I really want to do is tell you about the book I hope can change your heart. I titled it Courage to Rise. And you know, it still absolutely floors me that in less than two months, readers from 36 countries have ordered over 1,100 signed advance copies off of Instagram. I never dreamed that was possible. I mean, Courage to Rise doesn’t come out officially until December 18th, but already, I have been absolutely humbled by the response. I have received thousands and thousands of messages, all with the exact same theme— that reading this book makes people feel understood. Like I can see into their lives, and I wrote it just for them. That makes me happier than you could ever know. But truthfully, I know all of that doesn’t matter much unless you do know who I am. And how I got here.  

So that’s the story I’m going to tell you.

I’m one of those girls that grew up knowing exactly who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. But, like most things in this life, the path to get there ended up being far from what I planned. When you’re young, you dream about who and what you’re going to be. In no part of that dream is the no. The not-right-now. The you’re-not-good-enough. You’re just the dreamer, and your young heart is certain that this life will give you what you want. But it doesn’t always go like that, does it? So in those years between wanting to grow up and actually getting there, I did what we all do when we’re figuring it out. I got some parts right. And other parts wrong. I could tell you stories. Or you could read Live in the Details every day and you’d see glimpses of them. But I also believe that while how we got to who we are is important— it doesn’t much matter unless we do something with it.

So that’s where I am.

I’m doing something about the dream a little girl had many years ago. A little girl who always wanted to be a writer.  Who hid a notebook under her pillow. Who wrote notes to God. Who scrawled stories with pink pens on lined paper. And who one day, wanted to write herself into an author.  When she was eight years old, she said she was going to publish a book one day that would change the world. I know—big dreams. But she didn’t want to be famous. She didn’t want to stand in front of audiences and be “known.”

She just wanted to write words that made people feel something. Somewhat in the same way a really good song that dances into your life at the perfect time gives you those chills on the back of your neck. That’s the writer she wanted to be.

That little girl grew up into me. And by now, I’ve had enough experience to understand how important it is to remember what you’ve always wanted. About two and half years ago, I started a page on Instagram that I called Live in the Details. I had no idea what it was going to be. I had no idea what words were inside me. So I just made one promise to myself. I would write, every single day, regardless of where I was or how I felt. And I did. I promised myself that I wouldn’t sensor any of it. And I never dreamed that it would become something. That people would resonate with that stream-of-consciousness writing that has become my hallmark. I certainly never dreamed that now, Live in the Details would have well over 200 thousand followers. But I always dreamed of that book.

And this is the year it happened.

Courage to Rise is book of what I call ‘life letters.’ People always ask me to describe what this book is about. It’s really difficult to do. But you know when you’re alone— maybe on those nights you crawl into bed with a headful of worries about the future and your life and your past and everything in-between?

That is the part of you it speaks to. That part you have trouble explaining. That part you don’t show the world. That part that just needs someone to understand.  Courage to Rise is the book that I hope will be there in those moments. To carry you through those times you’re so damn unsure how everything is going to go.

A lot of people ask me about my journey to get here. But that’s not really what it’s about. It’s about your journey. Your journey to where you are— and where you’re going. So all I can say is I hope Courage to Rise awakens that part within you that you forgot. That you lost somewhere. That you gave to some heart you loved and never really got back. I hope it renews your faith in this life and its roads. In its nos that turn into the best damn lessons we could ever have planned.  

So I’m just going to end with those words someone, from somewhere in the world, wrote on Amazon. And I’m going to count them as possibly one of the greatest things I’ve ever read. Because, in my little corner of the world, they prove life knows what it’s doing. Even if it takes longer than we’d hoped to get there.

This book is a must read for every girl searching for her worth— and for every woman who needs reminding of hers.

May you rise, loves. Rise.


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Courage to Rise
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