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Everyone knows someone suffering from anxiety or depression.
Make Mental Health a priority today by joining our race to bring wellness programs to schools and communities worldwide. Your support will changes lives!

Race for Wellness:
It’s one month of fitness; you reach your health goals, while changing lives. Your involvement supports Project Happiness Global in educating youth and people of all ages with proven tools for greater happiness and wellbeing. Help us impact 10 million lives! Our goal is to reach 42,194 miles together to circumvent the globe bringing our curriculum to schools and communities worldwide.

Over $25,000 worth of prizes to be won! Including a trip to Nihi Sumba!

STEP 1: Register NOW and create a team!
($20 to participate, $15 for students)

STEP 2: Tell everyone about it, grab a buddy, raise funds and awareness!

STEP 3: Download the Charity Footprints App (also syncs your Fitbit and Apple Watch!) Don't worry if you don't have these devices, you can log your miles manually through the website under your settings. 

STEP 4: Track your miles on the app or website with your exercise of choice!

Do you know anyone going through a difficult time? The World Health Organization declares depression the leading cause of suffering worldwide. You can help. Project Happiness provides schools and communities with science-based preventive wellness solutions. Your support allows our programs (school curriculum, online interventions, mental health awareness) to reach even more people who need it most.

Many Pathways: Walk, Run, Bike, (choose any of these to log your other wellness practices, including yoga, swimming, climbing, you name it)

Many Options: Me | Challenge a friend | Join a team

Many Benefits: Flexible schedule | Improve mind + body | *Great giveaways!*

Get your family, friends, school, and colleagues activated - it’s easy! Set goals and have people sponsor you. Let friends know what you’re up to and track your fitness/fundraising goals on your own designated page. By committing to your own well-being, you inspire people in your community and impact others around the world. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goals.

Together we rise - join the movement!

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

As an added BONUS, people who register are eligible for awesome prizes! Think 4 days at a resort in Bali, sport gift cards, yoga wellness products, award-winning books, and more!