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Dear Agents of Happiness,

Perhaps you saw a recent Facebook Live with Maggie Hall, our student Ambassador from Enloe High School. Maggie opened up to share how she had faced her darkest days; then she found Project Happiness, and completely turned her life around - she is now inspiring other teens that they are enough and deserve to be happy. 

We are so grateful to you, our amazing community. As part of our community, you already share our vision to create a better world where mental wellness is just as important as academic success. In a climate where kids are more anxious than ever, with depression and suicides shattering so many families, so many young lives, your generous support of our K-5, Middle School and High School programs directly impacts the lives of our children and teens by equipping them with critical skills for emotional resilience.

If you want the world to be a happier place, we need your help. You may have seen the Race For Wellness mentioned the last few weeks. All funds (including registration) will go directly towards our programs. We want our community to feel good, while doing good!

This month-long Race For Wellness from Sept.15-Oct.15 is virtual, and can be done from anywhere with anyone, on your own schedule. Every step taken (whether you walk, run 🏃 bike 🚴 or yoga) helps us reach our goal of bringing our programs to those who need it most, regardless of financial constraints. During the Race, we give you fun challenges and inspiring happiness habits (and you are automatically entered in the weekly drawings for some seriously amazing thank you gifts! Like an exotic getaway...)

Sign-up today!  Register for one month of fitness, grab a friend, boost your happy, and change lives. Jump in for your own self-care, or create a team with family, friends, and coworkers.  Where does your money go? $50 supports a school library with 2 books, $250 supports a whole class with our curriculum, $1,000 sponsors an entire school! More info and registration at: bitly.com/Race4Wellness.  Get active in the name of mental health! We hope you will join us!

With much gratitude,
The Project Happiness Global Team

P.S. You also have the option to donate rather than participate in the Race. Donations can be made at: bitly.com/DonateHappiness 
Thank you 😊

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