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Project Happiness Handbook and Facilitator's Guide Kit

$100.00 $150.00

Guide your users through the Handbook with ease and success! (Not to mention fun!)

This guidebook is for all educators, counselors, parents and mentors who plan to use the Project Happiness Handbook as a workbook for success in either a group session, individual session, or even personally.

The guide discusses the importance of Social and Emotional Learning, Mindfulness and how to create safe spaces for both participant and facilitator to encourage self-awareness, reflection and growth as the foundations to building a happy and meaningful life.

Facilitator's Guide Kit Includes:

1) Project Happiness Handbook

2) Facilitators Guide on eLearning Platform including:

  • Introduction 
  • Social and Emotional Learning 
    • Self-Awareness (emotional honesty, self-confidence, concepts of happiness, connection between choices and happiness) 
    • Self-Management (emotional mastery, personal responsibility, positive thoughts, words and actions) 
    • Social Awareness (empathy, global awareness, diversity consciousness) 
    • Social Management (compassion, interdependence, collaboration, ethical decisions)
  • Mindfulness
  • Implementing Project Happiness into your Program
  • Creating a Safe Space and the Role of Facilitator
  • Mindful Dialogue and Active Listening
  • Technology and Social Media
  • Program Assessments

3) Mindfulness Meditation Downloads to Accompany each chapter of the Project Happiness Handbook

If you've ordered the Project Happiness Handbook, or the documentary film, they are physical products that will be shipped to you. 

If you've ordered anything else, including the Educational Curriculum, they are digital downloads, and you'll receive an email shortly after you've purchased! 

Please contact us with any concerns or questions at: hello@projecthappiness.org