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We all know that when we feel great emotionally life seems to be so easy.

Remember when you fell in love and everything felt so great or when your child was born and your emotions were spontaneously happy and you felt such joy.

Conversely, when we feel down, or even depressed, its like we are walking through treacle and everything seems to be fighting against us and life is very tough going.

Well, there are five definitive steps you can take to get you to such emotional wellness and with it physical wellness too. These are:

  1. Self-esteem - the only way to develop self-esteem is through action. You have to make up your mind to take action and overcome the issues that challenge you. Once you have done so then you pin a mental medal on your chest and you are proud of your achievement. Now the next challenge is not so daunting because you are working with the momentum of the success of your first achievement. With the second task "done and dusted" you actually develop the confidence to look for the next task to tackle.

like a boss

Some advice on this process is to start with the easiest tasks and build up to the hardest ones once your self-confidence, and with your self-belief and your resulting self-esteem, is climbing.

  1. Meaning and purpose- when your life has a purpose then you can develop a more psychological meaning for your existence.  For many people work gives them a purpose and they focus their energies there. Raising well behaved, intelligent, kind and caring children is arguably the most important work you have to do as it affects generations to come whereas your work might begin and end with your life.

Of course, there are other ways to find meaning and purpose in your life outside of work or child rearing and each person must find out where their passion lies.

Ideally, we can emulate the pioneers of flight, the Wright Brothers, who were quoted as saying, "We could not wait to jump out of bed in the morning".

Today there are over 100 000 flights in the air every day carrying over 1.3 million passengers- some goal and some dream fuelled by the Wright Brothers passion!

  1. Task satisfaction and reward- the self-esteem that results from finding meaning and purpose in the tasks you are passionate about gives you a feeling of gratification of a job well done. You may or may not get external recognition or even reward for doing so but within, where it counts the most, you feel such gratification and with it a sense of total well being.

person with fist up

  1. Achievement- our DNA is pre-programmed to be achievement orientated and this is especially so for males who are usually more competitive than females, who have tended to be more empathetic and supportive than competitive. Thousands of year ago males went searching for food armed with a sharpened stick and they and their families only ate if they were successful and bought home an animal to roast on the campfire. In today's emancipated world of much greater gender equality, the female of the species is also breadwinners and achievement driven too.

The sense of achievement, whatever the task, creates a feeling of well being and further enhances the previous steps of self- esteem; meaning and purpose and task satisfaction and reward all adding to the emotional and resulting physical feeling of well being.

  1. Value enhancement- by following through on the previous four steps towards emotional, and with it physical, wellbeing, you develop a sense of the increased value of your contribution to yourself, your family, your chosen environment and to the wider world in general.

Feeling valued by yourself and by others enhances your self-esteem, as well as enhancing your meaning and purpose and reinforces your ability to become task focused and achievement orientated. These accomplishments result in rewards that further motivate you to keep this reinforcement process of your emotional and physcial wellbeing going forward.

There are numerous studies that show the relationship between mind- body- spirit and by utilising these five steps your emotional and physical wellbeing is assured.


NevilleAbout Neville Berkowitz
Neville Berkowitz is a global businessman with over 45 years experience, a loving father and Spiritual Author of 
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