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Excitement is building about the Race For Wellness! It's easy to get involved. Now the fun begins.  After all, it is called FUNdraising for a reason! Here are some great ways to fundraise for the Race with your teammates, friends, family and co-workers.

Hold a book swap and charge a small amount for entry and/or per book exchanged.

Donate your birthday - instead of gifts to you, your friends can give to your cause.

Host a pool party! - who doesn't love a party. Charge a few dollars to attend.

Community Yard Sale - Everyone has a closet or garage full of things that they need to get rid of, so urge your community to bust out their old lawn mowers, clothes, and furniture to give for a good cause.

Food Truck Event - If your town has a food truck gathering spot, ask them to sponsor a night/week/event when a percentage of sales goes to your nonprofit.

Host A Concert - Ask a local performer to consider donating their services in-kind, and start the planning process.  

Bingo - Everyone loves a rousing game of BINGO. Plus, it’s a fun and easy to plan event suitable for the entire family.  Considerations: Contact nonprofits in your community (or the local BINGO hall) to see if anyone has a set of BINGO balls, card, and markers/tabs you can borrow or rent.

Host a Movie Night - Invite family, friends and co-workers over for a movie night.

Murder Mystery Dinner - Treat your guests to dinner and a show with a Murder Mystery Dinner fundraiser.

Babysitting - Parents are always looking for reliable childcare. If you have the space and folks eager to babysit, then this is a great fundraiser.

Bar Crawl or Bar Night - Plan your route ahead of time, and consider matching t-shirts for participants. If you’re looking to go above and beyond, take donation buckets along the way to encourage other bar patrons to join in on the fun (and help support your cause).

Board Game Tournament - Teams of people compete together during a board game tournament to raise money for your nonprofit or charity.

Chili Cook-off - Organize a team-based chili cook-off. This fundraiser works great in workplaces, so encourage local businesses to run their own chili cook-offs to support your cause.

Bean Bag Toss Tournament - Make friends and raise money while spending a spring afternoon in the sun playing cornhole.

Scavenger Hunt - A scavenger hunt can be done online (through pictures) or offline (in person). Create a list of items (or mix it up with riddles) needed to win the hunt.

Ping-Pong Tournament - Who doesn’t love ping pong? Get your supporters in a competitive mood with a ping pong tournament.

Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast - Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill will host a pancake fundraiser breakfast for your nonprofit or charity- you just need to provide the waitstaff!

Coffee Donation - Many workplaces offer free coffee for their employees and visitors, so talk with companies about setting up a donation jar. Coffee drinkers can be encouraged to drop .50 cents into a jar for each cup of joe, for example.

Car Wash - Wash cars to raise money for your nonprofit or charity.

Matching Funds - Encourage donors to look into company matches at their places of employment.

race for wellness

Inspired? Register for the Race for Wellness to start your fitness journey! The Race can be done from anywhere in the world and lasts September 15th to October 15th. Set your own goals and contribute to a great cause!