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There will be days when you feel the pain,

All the struggles seem to be in vain

The unspoken words that hurt,

Makes you more lonely and your voice unheard

Times like these are a test of character,

What you want to be - the intention is your destiny maker

You can be the smile that's incomplete

Or the music and lyrics that won't meet

The tears that didn't roll down,

And the emptiness all around the town

Or you can embrace the nature and let the grief drown,

To have rainbow as a guide and wear the unnamed crown,

To absorb the glory of a rising seed instead of being sick,

And become a part of the landscape's magic

Gorgeous green landscape

You become the sky that's blue,

the hope that's new,

the fairytale you believe,

the moments you live

The magnificence of the moonlight,

The thrill of a the 1st flight,

The depth of your ambition,

The challenges on your mission

The shadows of the stars,

The stories of the scars,

The light of your soul

The person who makes your life whole

Person looking up at the stars

The hope for a tomorrow,

In spite of all the sorrow,

Is what keeps us going

For there may be surprises you won't be knowing

Miracles do happen, dreams become reality,

When there are true friends who are a rarity,

So let’s have faith in the goodness around,

Say 'yes' and make the things count

After all, life is about the happiness shared,

Making a difference and being cared,

Enjoy the moments, don't go so fast,

It's all about the days that won't really last


Keroli SomaiyaAbout Keroli Somaiya
I am Keroli Somaiya, a CA by profession and a writer by heart. Amidst the hustle of a corporate job, I pursue my passion to express my emotions!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keroli.somaiya 
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