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On Sunday, about a week ago, I decided to hike up a ski mountain resort run while my daughter snowboarded.

This decision was made after I found out I couldn’t go sledding at the resort due to there not being enough snow on that run. I was slightly disappointed because I had decided to participate in a mountain activity, without injuring myself skiing or snowboarding, but also do something fun for my self-care time.

So I decided on hiking!

All that I came prepared with were my “UGG”-like fuzzy boots, snow pants, a vest, and my jacket. I started up one of the hiking trails, very unsure of where I was supposed to be hiking because there were multiple runs, and I was a tad bit nervous if the skiers and boarders would give me a hard time for hiking where they were roaring down the mountain.

To my surprise the skiers and boarders either didn’t pay any attention to me or they cheered me on.

I learned quickly that I was overdressed and under-prepared for the snow-packed mountain hike, despite the temperatures being in the 30’s, and so I started peeling off my layers and felt really thirsty. I managed to only get halfway up the mountain on my hike because I was breathing really hard, sweating really hard, parched from not having any water, and already feeling sore from the hiking.

On my way back down the mountain, once I figured how to dig my heels into the snow to prevent myself from sliding, I found myself feeling accomplished for doing what I did and determined to come back to the mountain another time to hike it and hike more of it, even to the top of it!

Snowy trees

One week later, I drove my daughter back to the ski resort for her to go snowboarding again, and my dad decided to join us and ski, and this time I was even more determined and prepared to hike up the mountain.

Despite there having been snow fall the night before, the sun was out and the day was a beautiful one, so I dressed in less layers, and this time I was more prepared with my anti-slip grips on the bottom of my boots and a water pack. I paced myself well and trekked up the mountain.

Along the way one teenage girl who was taking a break from snowboarding asked me if I was “crazy” for doing it, so I informed her that I was healthy for doing it. One guy who was sitting with his friend trying to encourage him to continue boarding on down the mountain said to him at least he wasn’t hiking like this gal.

Yep, that was me.

I managed to pace myself, but also make good time up the mountain, taking breaks to breathe and drink water and take in the view throughout the hike. Just when I was starting to feel soreness from the hiking, I turned a corner and found I had made it to the top.

People skiing and boarding down the mountain

There was the ski lift and all sorts of skiers and boarders who were coming off of it. I saw a bench and I was working my way towards it when I saw my daughter and dad come off the lift. I had finally and actually made it to the top of the mountain this time. We reunited, had a drink of water, shared how we were feeling, and made a plan of when and where to meet at the bottom.

I made it down the mountain to the ski lodge and met my daughter and dad for some healthy sandwiches and no so healthy, but tasty, French fries. I looked at the resort map and my steps tracker and I had just hiked “Bill’s Run” with a 1,650 ft. vertical drop and had taken 12,084 steps.

I was feeling exhausted, but very pleased with my self care time and myself. I felt sore after the hike, but better about my health and how I spent my time that day. All it took was getting myself prepared and just going for that hike.

I have been hiking local trails in the high desert where I live for a while now, but hiking up a mountain, and a snowy mountain at that, was a little intimidating.

Beautiful snowy mountain scene

My motivation for getting into hiking was that I was working at a stressful job and I had a bad breakup, so those things increased my stress levels and my weight. Hiking was a way for me to get out in nature and connect to it, disconnect from life’s many stressors, and work on literally taking healthy steps.

This has been something that I have enjoyed with my daughter and I have connected to friends on trekking ventures. I’m glad that I pushed myself to try hiking, and hiking different terrains, because it has opened my world of exploration and challenges.

My goal is to continue hiking and work towards hiking a 14-er. My next challenge is remember to increase my water consumption while hiking and throughout the day, and take the time to soak my feet after a long hike!

Anya BatesAbout Anya Bates
Hi, my name is Anya. I was raised on a farm in Colorado where we grew grapes, corn, and had turkeys. My parents went on an international trip to Africa when I was younger, but I was old enough to remember it and have it spark an interest in myself to travel. I have saved my pennies and been fortunate enough to travel to Central & South America, Morocco, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, and Holland. My experiences traveling have lit my desire to travel more and live my life to its fullest potential. Over a decade I’ve worked as a Case Manager, but I’ve also studied English as a Second Language and Emergency Medicine, which brought me to volunteer or work in the US or Internationally.  I like to write stories about my experiences, do creative projects, and get out to seize the day.