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When was the last time you did something for someone without being asked, without the thought of a reward or payment of any kind, and without anyone else knowing what you did?

A few minutes ago? Last week, month, year? Ever?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs lists self-actualisation as the highest level of one's needs. Self-actualisation refers to focusing on becoming the best person that one can strive for in the service of both the self and others.

Doing something for someone unasked and without thought of personal benefit and as anonymously as possible will shoot you to the top of the Maslow Hierarchy Pyramid.

What better way to find self-fulfilment and feel great about yourself then extending a helping hand and uplifting someone else unasked, without reward and as anonymously as possible.

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No need for expensive “retail therapy” to feel better about yourself by buying more and more stuff you don’t need. It may lift your spirits when you see those packages but, of course, when the month end rolls around and the credit card statements arrive then you feel bad again!

No need to trade your car in for a newer shinier model with even more gadgets you won’t need or even know how to use correctly.

No need to put on a sexy outfit and seek the admiring glances of other people who only see and want your body and not your soul.

No need to accept sex when what you want is to be loved and cared for by someone.

It’s time to change your priorities and look to see what you can give and not what you can get.

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Receiving may denote an obligation to give something in return. Giving usually means sharing what you have with another. It could even be giving a smile to a stranger or complimenting someone on their outfit or their new hairdo. Making someone smile because you crossed their path will make you will feel even better than they do, and it cost nothing in monetary terms.

If you don’t want to give any money to a street beggar or street musician, at least provide them with a smile of acknowledgement that you see them as a human being and not only an outstretched arm seeking small change.

In truth, it's not you doing the giving anyway. It’s Life that gives to Life through you.

For those who live a spiritual life, they would understand that in Oneness you and the other are One so you are in fact giving to you, and that is why you feel so good when you give willingly to another without thought of a reward and as anonymously as possible.

Your soul and the other’s soul connect and, as souls are love based, that is what makes you feel so good inside when you do such giving. It’s the love inside of you that is being felt by you in giving so selflessly.

For those who are interested, my free book found on my website personalempowerment.co Being Loved Unconditionally- Finding Unconditional Love within your Being will guide you on this path to such self-actualisation so prized by Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs.


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Neville Berkowitz is a global businessman with over 45 years experience, a loving father and Spiritual Author of 
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