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Former American actress Joey Adams claims that “if it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all.” While Adams humorously understands the expectation of society today, many of us truly struggle to find motivation for exercising. However, like all complications in life, simplification leads to completion.

LABEL YOUR REASON: Life unfortunately introduces challenges that may seem too demanding to overcome. Rather than succumbing to these hardships, urge yourself to define them by coming up with a clear and overarching expression; you can do this by concisely labeling a factor of life that makes you feel unsatisfied. By doing so, your ominous and unreachable fears become tangible and sensible obstacles that can be managed and may even disappear.

  • I am stressed out
  • I don’t feel fit or energized
  • There are complications in my relationship
  • I am dealing with health issues
  • I am unhappy

  • woman stretching

    SPECIFY IT: Connecting with your inner self proves to be a vital aspect of fully understanding what makes you dissatisfied in life. By spending time in introspection, take value in prospects you have discovered about yourself rather than what you have simply heard others say about you. Better understand your mind by considering aspects that make your overarching expression unique to your life. Then ask yourself, “WHY does this issue impact my life so drastically?”

  • Thinking about the future makes me anxious and stresses me out
  • I feel uncomfortable and unfit, thus hindering my confidence
  • The arguments in my relationship overwhelm me and complicate my lifestyle
  • No matter how much effort I put into it, I can not maintain a healthy diet
  • My daily routine does not satisfy me and makes me feel unhappy about my lifestyle

  • men bike riding together

    FIND YOUR PASSION: Just like the freedom felt during a vacation or the relief experienced in a break from work, your passion will become your escape from your specified problems. Rather than making it an obstacle of its own, redirect your mindset to accept exercise as an engaging activity for overcoming the hurdles of life. While the most common forms of exercise plainly consists of “going to the gym” or running outside, not everybody identifies with such activities. Simply stated, running a marathon is not for everybody, and that’s okay! Consider what makes you happy in life, whether that be working on your backyard, walking your dog, biking, hiking, swimming, jogging, surfing, horseback riding, rock climbing, or anything else; then appreciate how this passion helps you overcome challenges in life.

  • Jogging around my neighborhood frees my mind from stress about the future
  • Surfing at the beach tones my body while improving my confidence in a swimming suit
  • Walking my dog in the park helps me feel connected and loved, regardless of my relationship issues
  • Biking with my friend improves my health, without the dissatisfaction of and rigid diet
  • Energizing my body removes me from a mundane lifestyle and makes me feel happy

  • weightlifter

    SET YOUR GOAL: Within the newly developing age of social media, we often come across incredible stories of people like marathon runners, fitness diehards, and nutrition freaks. Scrolling through such stories may initially seem motivational, but they unfortunately cause us to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We unintentionally attempt to emulate these extremities, thus inevitably setting ourselves up for failure. Having said that, try interpreting these stories as examples of hard work and dedication as you too will have a story of your own.  

    In search of your own inspirational story, setting realistic goals for yourself will take time and effort. While it may be one of the most challenging aspects of fitness, it is undoubtedly the most vital in the process of ensuring success. The American Council of Exercise provides a clear and effective way to set SMART goals by ensuring they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. 

    runner in snow

    FIND YOUR ROUTINE: Don’t plan your life around your exercise routine; plan your routine around your life! Life gets busy, between school, work, family, friends, and everything in between. Rather than attempting to compress fitness within this congested schedule, find moments in your life that require a break. Forcing yourself to run for an hour after work before picking your kids up from school will fail to adhere for more than a week. Instead, delve in a 10 minute walk during your lunch break at work. Enjoy the smell of trees around you and the feeling of wind against your skin. After all, fitness should be fun!



    jenna ghadderAbout Jenna Ghadder
    As a rising senior at Aragon High School, Jenna Ghaddar remains a well-rounded student and takes ample opportunities to improve her personal knowledge. Jenna plans on attending a four-year university next fall with the long term goal of becoming a psychiatrist. Creativity has inspired her interest within the power of the human mind, while her passion for academic challenges has driven her to attend summer sessions such as the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Program where she studied Psychology. Jenna regularly volunteers her time at organizations such as the SPCA. As a Chief Petty Officer she additionally provides aid and complimentary music performances at various military events through her participation in the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. In her spare time, Jenna relaxes through writing, painting, and practicing her instruments. As her love for personal expression fuels her passion music, she regularly listens to and performs jazz music, as well as teaches classical piano lessons to students.