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In a climate where kids are more anxious than ever, Project Happiness Global programs directly impact the lives of teens by equipping them with the skills for emotional resilience and greater positivity.  Last school year, we worked with LG's new Life's Good: Experience Happiness initiative to create Project Happiness Clubs in 10 schools and we are thrilled to announce the expansion of that program this academic year 2018-2019 to 30 schools. Our curriculum draws from the fields of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Neuroscience to help participants develop emotional resilience, empathy, a growth mindset, and pro-social behavior.  

ridgewoodAbove: "Ridgewood High School Students doing their service project - making sandwiches for the local homeless shelter."


  1. Create a Project Happiness Club sponsored by LG in US High Schools which will use our curriculum to design club activities to create awareness of the science-based happiness skills and to disseminate that information throughout the school.
  2. Create and support a school environment that values emotional resilience as a key component of academic success, in order to create a generation of engaged, emotionally balanced, compassionate and positive people.


Your school’s participation in the global Project Happiness movement signals to students, parents and the wider community, that you care about their wellbeing! Not only that, but these happiness skills also create stronger connections in the home and help prevent teacher burnout.

Other outcomes we would expect upon a school’s completion of our curriculum would include fewer conflicts amongst students and faculty, better school attendance, and improved performance.  We look forward to the opportunity to further discuss the issues you are facing, how we can help, and answer any questions you might have.


  1. Science-backed Project Happiness High School Curriculum. See more.
  2. Award winning Project Happiness Documentary and discussion guide
  3. 25 Project Happiness Handbooks
  4. Training and support from the Project Happiness team
  5. Potential publicity through Project Happiness and LG social media
  6. A happier and more productive student-body.

mount horeb high schoolAbove: "Mount Horeb High School Students hosting a film screening of our documentary."


  1. Fill out a pre, mid and post year report
  2. Attend a webinar training on how to implement the Project Happiness curriculum
  3. Display or announce the Daily Happiness Habits to the school so that all students and staff can benefit.
  4. Hold a film screening for the student body of our Award Winning Project Happiness Documentary (by the end of the academic year).
  5. Decide on an in-school or community based service project to bring happiness benefits to all students
  6. Show off your stuff!  Project Happiness and LG want to highlight what you are doing!  Send us photos and videos of activities so that we can feature your school and club through our social media channels. 

A few spots still open, apply soon!

To apply, simply fill out this form: http://bit.ly/ProjectHappinessClub

If you have any questions contact: hello@projecthappiness.org
For more information about the Life’s Good: Experience Happiness initiative please visit: www.LearnExperienceHappiness.com/curriculum.

Below: Check out one of our student happiness club leaders, Maggie from Enloe HS, on her experience.