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Unlike beauty, learning has no limits.

With beauty there’s only so far you can go with how physically attractive you are. And how well put together you are from a fashion sense.

And because of that, it’s easier for us to suffer from self esteem issues. I mean, just look at the amount of teenagers who view themselves as worthless and ugly.

All because they admire celebrities to the point where they feel it’s impossible to ever match up to the “beauty” pedestal they’ve put celebs on.

But when it comes to learning, there’s an unlimited amount to learn. So much so that you’ll be dead long before you get the chance to finish it all.

And the more you learn and gain knowledge, the more self esteem you end up with!

Self esteem and knowledge go hand in hand.

Here are 3 reasons to never stop learning…

Person writing at a table

  1. With knowledge comes confidence

Why are some people so confident at the things they do? And why is it many of us lack the confidence to do anything?

Ever noticed how some guys approach women without stuttering or losing their cool?

Or how people in high pressure situations, like a house fire, are able to keep their cool and make it out in one piece?

Knowledge = confidence.

Of course just learning about something isn’t enough. But If you master the thing you’re learning, you’ll know how it works, what to do, what NOT to do, when to do it, and so on.

That knowledge of knowing “how” is what brings out the confidence in all of us. Regardless of how difficult a situation is.

We all know how to use a smartphone and make a call for example. We’re confident with that, right?

Some of us are confident drivers because we’ve done enough of it to know how it works.

And that’s why the moment you stop learning is the moment you lose your self confidence. Or at least prevent your self confidence from growing even stronger.

To not learn more is like saying – “Right, I’m done. I’ve got enough confidence as it is.”

Truth is though, if like a sports player you stop doing the thing you’re confident in, then you come back to it later in future, you’ll be rusty.

And that rustiness will cut your confidence in half, because you’ll no longer be good or know enough about the thing you did. So never stop learning.

Person looking through a library

  1. You’ll feel good about yourself

When you’re knowledgeable about something, you have permission to brag about it.

As Muhammad Ali said – It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.

But seriously speaking though, more knowledge equals more self esteem.

Knowing how to jump out of an aeroplane for example, and landing safely with a parachute…

Or knowing how to do brain surgery on a patient whose life depends on your skills and wisdom…

Or knowing how to do anything so well that people think you’re some kind of wizard from another planet…

That in itself makes you feel good about who you are. And it makes you feel even better about the thing you’re doing.

Ever noticed how kids react when they do something correctly? They flip out! They get excited! They go bonkers… They do back-flips and cartwheels out of pure excitement.

Because knowing how to do something and doing it right, does just that. It raises your self esteem and confidence at the same time. And that changes your behavior slightly, which others then notice and become attracted to.

Self esteem and knowledge are never too far apart from each other.

The same way you need two legs to walk, you need knowledge to increase your self esteem. That’s why learning is so important!

Person reading a book in a field

  1. You’ll gain more self awareness

There’s a massive difference between a person who knows their strengths, and someone who doesn’t.

Knowing your strengths gives you power and confidence. The reason is – when you know what you’re great at, you’ll spend more of your time doing those things.

And the more time you spend on your strengths, the more satisfied you’ll be.

That’s why it’s life or death when it comes to learning, studying, observing and educating yourself.

It increases your self awareness bit by bit, as long as you’re willing to pay close attention and ask lots of questions to get good answers.

And that in itself gives you more confidence, and raises your level of self esteem.

On the other hand, not knowing your strengths, refusing to learn and pay attention to your actions, and only knowing your weaknesses is no good.

Your self esteem will suffer, because you won’t feel good doing things you’re awful at. And besides, who wants to feel good about something they’re terrible at anyways?

Self esteem and knowledge is like the brain of a computer. Without the brain, it all falls apart and none of it works as well as it should.

Learn as much as you can (and implement your knowledge), and your self esteem is guaranteed to grow.

Theo J EllisAbout Theo J Ellis
I'm driven to make a difference for the better, and make an impact. I do this by sharing my experiences/insights with self confidence and personal development on my blog - Just Be Real.

Outside of writing I love Anime, Hip Hop Music, and lots of oriental food.

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