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There’s a constant need to impress others and we all harbour some of this within us. It’s a part of who we are and we accept it, keep it close and relate to it as comfort, knowing it’s an intrinsic part of us.

If we always depend on others for our happiness, that makes us perceptible to being unhappy so quickly, to never feeling fulfilled or feeling like we’re enough.

Whether it’s in a relationship, the work place or every waking moment, we need to learn to trust ourselves without validation from another.

How travel helps take this dependence and trust yourself

I used to think I was so self-assured and in control of exactly who I am. Then something would happen and my self-esteem would falter. I used to lose faith in myself so quickly. Regardless of my ‘over-achiever’ personality and how proud I should be, I would doubt everything constantly.

Travelling taught me that I would still doubt life choices and push myself more than I could handle at times. Travelling solo taught me how to deal with these situations, take a step back, breath, smile and appreciate all the little things, which are essentially the bigger things.

The following are six reasons to travel at some point in your life. It doesn’t matter when. It’s never too early or too late.

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6 Reasons To Travel

Beats travel anxiety and depression one step at a time

If you’re someone who gets nervous at the thought of travelling or doing something on your own then that first flight will always be one of the biggest wins.

We need to keep growing in life otherwise we’re static, stuck and too self-assured. Changing your environment or situation is beneficial to your health. It doesn’t matter if we do amazing things every day, when it turns into a routine, we can lose gratitude and appreciation for it.

Going on the road and travelling means your routine gets disrupted constantly. It’s jarring and uncomfortable, but it shapes you into being adaptable and taking every experience for what it is.

Take your travels one step at a time and remember, every little achievement is a win. Plus, once you’ve done it once, you will always know you can do it.

Arti at Mornington beach

Meet your soulmates and people who enrich your life, expand your friendship boundaries - you all have something in common

The friendships you have at home may be wonderful and as close as family. But don’t disregard the people who haven’t known you your entire life. The ones who will help shape you even more, help you explore parts of your personality and change how you view life.

Everyone has friendship circles from different stages in life and sometimes we stop after education and only expand at every new job.

Travelling the world, or even going up to the north of England for a few weeks can let you meet others just like you who enrich your soul in different ways. You already have one thing in common, you’re travelling.

Sometimes we outgrow other friendships because we got what we needed to grow from them and all you can do is be grateful for the beauty of that relationship.

Meeting like-minded people as you’re constantly changing is interesting. You realise that you can be friends with anyone so long as your basic principles are similar. Everyone has a story to tell, whether they’re at home or travelling with you. Use this opportunity to open yourself up and be a sound board to others.

The world is so much bigger than the small circle of people we keep close at home.

group of friends hugging

Makes being grateful flow as it’s usually easier to see beauty in the world when you break from routine.

Every single day that I walk out of my door in Australia, I am grateful for the little things. The sun shining, the birds playing and screeching (I’m fascinated by the birds here and my next book is about them), the way a leaf falls on the floor.

My favourite thing to do is sit on a wall by the sea in St Kilda beach and watch the waves lap against the shore. It’s when you are grateful for the little things that you’re opening yourself up to all the world’s blessings.

This isn’t to say I can only find this beauty on this side of the world but what it means is that I’ve learned a new perspective and whenever I’m getting caught up in all the trials of my life I can take a step back and remember everything I’ve learned from my travelling. Hopefully one day when I go back home, I can apply this to my life and still live in abundance.

Change is uncomfortable but helps personal growth

Change is inevitable and of course it can come in daily life. But we experience different forms of change in various situations. Usually I find the best form of change and growth to be when I’m at my most uncomfortable.

When I’m uncomfortable and going through a hard time I always remind myself that change happens to help me grow my strength, grow my personality and grow my love for life.

woman standing alone with backpack

Loneliness and being alone is different - pushing self-love

One of the biggest things you’ll face when travelling is that you may have never been this alone in your life. There’s the case that you may always be alone and I think that better sets you up for travel, so long as you’re not seeking stability.

People always say there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. And I also believe that. I still find it hard to not feel lonely when I’m alone. And I’m the least lonely person I know. I am always surrounded by people that care about me, whether it’s home or Australia where I’m always in and out of a hostel, constantly making friends.

Yet, the waves of loneliness will still hit me, especially when I have to say so many goodbyes to people who become my closest friends when travelling. I reckon it’s always going to be a work in progress for me, but I always set myself mindfulness activities to help me with those feelings.

Being alone allows you to be 100% in the moment or try to be, it takes practise but soon enough you’ll start noticing all the little beautiful things, like the way leaves fall off trees and the sun reflecting in lakes and the sea.


The beautiful places you’ll see

Travelling the world is a good enough reason to travel in itself. You’ll see beauty everywhere; in mountains, rainforests, big cities and small villages. You’ll see hardships that you may not have ever imagined or given thought to, that’ll open your mind and your heart, help you grow some more.

You’ll see vibrancy and people living with so much joy, and all of this will be there for you to delve into and make your own. Make your mark on the world in your own way, however small. The gratitude will flow as you meet people, enrich your soul and grow your self-love while travelling.

Arti RajputAbout Arti Rajput
Arti Rajput is a travel writer and author from the UK. Her recent book is The Beauty of Decisions, based on her stay in Italy. Currently living in Australia, she spends her days writing away and going on long spontaneous walks. Keep up with her adventures on
www.citylivingcoastalloving.com and Instagram @CLCLTravel for random travel photos.