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Let’s begin with discussing some very important . Some of the most fascinating areas of human activity is the ability to progress above life situations and circumstances. Humans have this stunning and intrinsic ability to manifest things from within there internal functionality to the external world. Something that we may take granted due to the nature of being busy within our daily lives.

One of these areas that deserves discussion is self transcendence. What does this mean? Self transcendence in essence is the ability to supersede and surpass the baseline functionality of your mind and body. In other words, elevating your levels of inner wellness to degrees that progress far beyond the need for self desire and temporary attainment. The ability to overcome the reoccurring impulsive tendencies of the mind and body.

You become an individual independent of unnecessary external wants and internally withhold contentment and tranquility. You begin to see the world through a wider lens. Can adopt higher degrees of empathy and compassion. Be open to improving the external reality, and most importantly all that you come into contact with is granted a respect alike to all other interactions.

Self transcendence is important in human wellness as it can aid the emotional and physical discrepancies that withhold you from enjoying life in its entirety. With your mind and body at such increased levels of betterment all areas of your life become fluid and fulfilling. This is a key component to the higher levels of human development.

Another important area is the ability to improve psychological wellness. What does this mean exactly? Psychological wellness refers to the improvement of functions within the mind, which typically relates to, thought emotion, awareness or consciousness. When improving your emotional state you release the enslavement of emotions taking over your experience.

Improved thought doesn’t necessarily mean thinking less or blocking out thoughts with distractive methods. Instead improved thoughts gently disassociates the mind with thought patterns and creates space in the mind to enjoy your experiences. Emotions become secondary and don’t dictate your experiences, rather they compliment them and provide insight.

Probably the most fundamental to psychological improvement is the ability to improve awareness and consciousness.

They are slightly different terminologies but basically refer to the same area of the mind. That is to improve the capacity to reflectively evaluate your minds activity. Bringing attention to things otherwise ignored or disguised by external distraction. Bringing subconscious process to surface, and opening a space in which your mind begins to think more freely and openly. All these domains are important in improving your psychology. At first glance they seem intimidating. But with close observation can be practically broken down.

Steps for Improving your Psychology

What can you do to begin improving these areas? With improving the activity of thoughts, things just as simple as taking a few quiet minutes away from all the busy activity of your day. Doing some reading or taking a quiet walk and getting out in nature, as nature can revitalise and rebalance the neurological activity in body and mind. Even better, sitting silently for 5-10 minutes, as this allows space for the mind to relax.

For attending to emotions and applying actionable approaches. Self-reflection is a very powerful technique in slowly breaking down the nature of emotions and where they may be stemming from. Using a journal or self dialoguing and asking many questions. Asking ‘what’s behind this’ to each arising answer. You may find your self travelling deep into areas of your emotions you weren’t previously aware of.

For raising consciousness or awareness a powerful approach is self-contemplation. Question your beliefs, ideas and objections. Start to operate at a level of mediation rather than strong opinion. Be open to questioning concepts and ideas you hold closely. This can bring higher awareness to think outside of your current world views. Inviting are a more holistic consciousness.

Other secondary approaches that can provoke awareness is speaking to a broader variety of people. Have deep discussions with those you may not see eye to eye with. Adopt the opposite view and step outside of your paradigm for the duration of a discussion. See where they are coming from. This can help to expand your social awareness and bring higher levels of consciousness.

These are some starting points but it’s always beneficial to open yourself to many approaches and direct your self towards the approaches that align best to your individuality. Any questions or enquires please contact me by email or come check out the website. Thank you for reading! Hope to you hear from those interested!

About Jacob Ryan
My name is Jacob, I’m 25 years old, living in Australia. Currently studying psychology, sociology and humanities. The last 3-4 years I’ve spent filling my unending desire to learn studying areas of enormous interests such as philosophy, existentialism, consciousness, metaphysics, psychology and wellbeing.
My passion for psychology was derived from the observation of human behaviour. It completely fascinated me how humans have the ability to create their own fulfilment but at the same time destroy it. I’ve just recently launched an online organisation named ‘Eunimity’. Which focuses on inner wellbeing, self transcendence, life balances, and inner/external harmony. Posting weekly blogs and content with the future objectives of releasing books, digital products and services that can assist in the improvement of wellbeing.

Website: www.eunimity.org 
Email: eunimity.org@outlook.com