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The famous generation of young entrepreneurs, parents, and innovators – Millennials, sure have quite a reputation to uphold, and equally numerous stereotypes to debunk. They are slowly overtaking the customer throne from Baby Boomers, and are becoming the largest pool of consumers in the world. Many of them are still struggling with student loans, paying off their debt, and making their way in the competitive startup world, all at a single go.

It only makes sense that these ambitious, stressed individuals crave for a slower pace of life. They yearn for more stability, inside and out. And what better way to achieve harmony and balance than through healthy habits, the likes of meditation, yoga practice, and proper nutrition? Amidst all of their personal and professional chaos, the glue that keeps it all together is precisely their mindful approach to life. While it’s not a given, but it takes effort and devotion to achieve such a frame of mind, there are several key underlying motivators that drive Millennials to practice mindfulness.

Embracing the present moment

Every generation creates its own reality together with the heritage of their parents. Being digital natives, i.e. a generation that is highly literate in all things online, Millennials live and breathe on more plains than one. Their reality is composed not of a single existence, but of an intricate network of their real-life identities paired with their many online personas.

It can be extremely difficult to stay in the “now” when you’re focusing on the future of your business, for example, while you scroll through your newsfeed to peek into the lives of others. Mindfulness, achieved through a variety of practices, is one of those few effective ways to draw yourself away from the tornado of notifications and online correspondence, and truly experience the present moment.

Reframing their digital world

On the other hand, Millennials have found a slew of ways to tame the digital world to their advantage. Not wanting to be slaves to their online existence, Millennials utilize the perks of constant connectedness to find fitness groups, join yoga classes, and deepen their mindfulness. That is why many apps such as MindBeauty have popped up to serve this very purpose: they make the most of our modern digital capabilities to help us reconnect in real life, and enjoy healthful activities every day, even while we travel.

The fitness revolution has been unraveling hand in hand with the digital one and Millennials are doing their best to infuse their lives with more health in the most convenient way possible. This, with the help of their various digital tools, lets them experience the world and other cultures in a much more personal and intimate way than they would by being merely occasional tourists.

Detoxing from stress

Another key reason behind their “obsession” with mindfulness is their everyday state of being. Simply put, Millennials are constantly stressed. Overworked, experiencing burnout, social anxiety, and a slew of health issues that come with stress, they need a way to vent that negativity in a constructive manner.

This is where meditation, perhaps the most beloved practice among Millennials, steps in to save the day and soothe their hasty minds. They also tend to use writing as another healthy way to process their emotions, and not surprisingly, they love apps such as Headspace with guided meditations, breathing exercises, and similar useful activities that lead to improved mindfulness and stress reduction.

Reconnecting with loved ones

As admirable as their ambition and dedication to their careers may be, as well as their chase for higher education, Millennials are overwhelmed by the influx of information. In fact, they spend shocking 18 hours a day consuming media, from scrolling down their Newsfeed to watching TV and texting. This means that Millennials stare at a whole range of different screens for most of their awake time, which leads to alienation and a collapsing social life.

The key thing to remember here is that they are not aware that they spend this amount of time alone. Mindfulness and awareness are closely related terms, the later being at the core of the former. Awareness allows Millennials to find heathy ways to put their phones, tablets, and computers away and spend more quality time with those they love.

Improving their quality of life

Finally, as they are painfully aware of all the setbacks and hurdles their generation experiences on a daily basis, Millennials strive to use mindfulness as a way to improve their overall wellbeing. We all know that stress impedes our judgement, leads to insomnia and depression, and that the sheer lack of energy from so much work often takes its own toll. It’s much easier to make poor decisions when you’re exhausted – such as skipping the gym or opting for an unhealthy snack.

Greater mindfulness deals with the consequences as much as it does with the culprits of stress. Millennials have discovered that mindfulness is at the core of a healthy lifestyle, so instead of chasing dozens of seemingly unrelated goals, they view them all through their desire to be more mindful.

About Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith is beauty and style blogger, an eco-lifestyle lover, graphic designer and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, minimalist wardrobe, yoga and mindful living. Sophia writes mostly about lifestyle-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Eco Warrior Princess, Mother Earth Living, Bonvita Style, Cause Artist, Just Haves, How to Simplify, Secret Garden and Carousel. You can find out more about her writing by following her on:  Facebook  Twitter  Google +