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7 Doors to Happiness Online Course

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7 Doors to Happiness online course is an introductory, interactive and inspriational course designed to help you access your inner awareness, manage your emotions, identify your strengths and begin your journey to fulfilling your purpose.  

In this course you will learn:

  • Door 1: Your personal definition of happiness and how to develop it
  • Door 2: Obstacles to happiness and how to communicate about them.
  • Door 3: The connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Door 4: How to master your own emotions.
  • Door 5: Why compassion for yourself and others is essential
  • Door 6: Interdependent relationships and the Science of Awe
  • Door 7: Your personal strengths and how to discover your purpose.

Based on neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness with knowledge from world-class experts including Dr. Kristen Neff, Tal Ben-Shahar, Dr. Carol Dweck and others. Dive in and surpass your own limitations.

What's Included:

  • Registration and login credentials to our learning platform
  • Access to user and discussion groups 
  • Special offers, webinars and courses for members. 


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