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Project Happiness Documentary


Now only available as a digital copy on Vimeo. Follow this link to buy on Vimeo!

Happiness is a universal quest. But what does it really mean? In this award-winning documentary, youth from three continents interview George Lucas, Richard Gere, and neuroscientist Richard Davidson on the nature of lasting happiness.

They eventually travel to India for an unforgettable private audience with the XIV Dalai Lama. Through their eyes, gain a new perspective on how to expand happiness and live a meaningful life. Authentic happiness is not only possible – it’s closer than you think. 

What’s Included:

The Project Happiness Documentary focuses on four teens from Santa Cruz, California, who are introduced to peers in Nigeria and India. Each faces personal obstacles to happiness: loss, alienation, and the everyday challenges of being a teenager passing into adulthood. At the end of the year together, the three groups converge in Dharamsala, India, for a rare private interview with the Dalai Lama – an event that rocks their expectations, brings more questions than answers, and marks a new chapter in their lives.

Starring: George Lucas, Richard Gere, Richard Davidson, XIV Dalai Lama

Run time: 60 minutes

For recommended after-film discussion questions, download here.

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What people are saying on Amazon:

I highly recommended PROJECT HAPPINESS for anyone feeling down and out, for families, rehab centers, middle and high school classrooms across the country - if for no other reason, but to open up fresh dialogue between our people, especially our young people; to help them address and share their concerns, challenges and emotional upheavals we all face in a world struggling for equilibrium.

PROJECT HAPPINESS is a welcome tonic and possible cure for the roller-coaster ride and angst that is growing up - and being human.”

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