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Project Happiness Handbook


Beautifully illustrated in full color, this 195 page experiential book, suited for teens and adults alike, engages you in activities and questions to make you go deeper, understand yourself better, and awaken to your true potential.

It provides practical tools to:

  • Be calm within the chaos
  • Discover your strengths
  • Reboot your relationships
  • Deal with that inner critic
  • Tap into your passions for a more meaningful life

Because the visuals are fresh and inviting, you can be creative and use The Project Happiness Handbook in any way that feels right for you – as a personal discovery tool, with your friends, family, or even in the classroom. Happiness is a choice, a state, and mindset, and a learned skill.

What’s Included:

The Project Happiness Handbook combines the best of mindfulness, positive psychology, neuroscience, and conflict resolution. The 7 chapters of the Handbook are designed to take you on an experiential journey to get to know who you really are, to learn to master emotions, reduce stress, to connect compassionately with yourself and the complex world around you, and finally to positively share your individual gifts and passions.

Ideal for use with teens, and young adults.

  • Seven chapters
  • Over 70 experiential activities
  • 195 pages to write in

What people are saying on Amazon:

Thoughtful, provocative, daring, sensitive, upbeat, charming, and deeply profound, this book ought to be on every desk in every school in the nation; from grade school through to high school, generating conversations and dialogues that could not only save lives, but help to enrich and inspire true change in our society through the unlocking and super-charging of the minds and hearts of our brilliant young people - our hope and our future.”

“The seven chapters give you a upbeat journey with a goal of first finding happiness and then lasting happiness. Great book especially what a teen can relate too.”

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