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It goes without saying that all of us know what frustration is, but does everybody know how to get a grip and cope with this condition? Most often, facing difficult and challenging situations is followed by deep depression, lack of self-motivation and apathy.

The best way to let it go and welcome new amazing things and experiences into your life, is to make room for them. Just like you clean your house, you should regularly sum up and jettison all the rubbish that prevents from becoming successful and moving forward.

Never forget that YOU are the only person able to change your life, and this list of things to give up will definitely help to reboot a whole new you. 

  1. Focusing on Negativity and Complaining About Everything

The first thing you should give up to make a change and move forward is: thinking how awful everything is, how miserable you are, and how hopeless your life is. Stop complaining and don’t carry the burden of the past. We can’t even imagine how powerful our thoughts are.

“The Secret” (a well-known motivational movie) states: “The Secret is the Law of Attraction: whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting. People think about what they don’t want and attract more of the same.

Those who speak most of the illness have an illness, those who speak most of the prosperity have it…” That’s why clearing your head is at the top of this list. 

  1. Fear of Being Imperfect

Never allow any fear to take control of you. Perfectionism makes us all the more determined to be as good as we think we “should” be, but let’s face it: we will never be perfect enough. It doesn’t mean there is no sense to carry on, it just means there is always room for self-improvement. So, you don’t have even a single reason to be afraid of failures.

Forget about self-pity and self-doubt – broaden the range of your opportunities, aim high. Move forward. There is not any “ideal” or “right” way, but there is yours. And it is not perfect, but it’s unique.

Writing in a notebook

  1. Mess

We often have to set priorities in life in order to use our time and energy wisely. Giving up the mess and multitasking is the best way to cope with stress and lack of concentration, which is extremely important for conquering new peaks.

Many people believe that the order implies a boring, predictable life, but my own experience shows that we reach the maximum just when having a proper plan. Start small - make a plan for one day.

Write it down like a “to-do-list” and don’t forget about the thorough time management. Even after one planned day, you’ll see a huge difference: 5 minutes of the morning planning save a couple of hours during the day. That’s impressive, right?

  1. Being Under the Influence of People’s Opinions

When you have problems, others are trying to give you a piece of advice or discuss what had to be done in another way. It does make sense to listen to people who have already been in similar situations and overcome them successfully.

But remember to be careful with the opinions of know-it-alls and not to take them as a guide to action.

Here we come again to the fact that you are the only person able to control your own life. The surest way to fail is trying to please everyone. Please yourself and those who are important to you – that’s enough to be successful and happy.

Small clock

  1. Wasting time

Time is the most precious currency in our life, as it can’t be bought or sold, stolen or given. We don’t know how much of it each of us has, but we do know we can be late. That’s why wasting time is something we cannot afford, especially when reaching a certain goal.

The last thing you must temporarily give up to move forward is a useless pastime. Concentrate on what you want and do only what you need, get out of your comfort zone, work hard.

Be strict with yourself in some way and resist the temptation to throw it all. But, of course, don’t forget to reward yourself for every achievement.

Do today what others won't - so tomorrow you can do what others can't.


John CrosbyAbout John Crosby
John Crosby is an editor of http://sweetytextmessages.com/. He likes to share his thoughts with the people around. His writing on motivation and love has appeared to make our life better.