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People often find themselves in stressful situations – whether it's work, school or home life. You have probably noticed by now that music has a positive effect on your overall well-being. When in stressful situations or in situations that require our focus, we often sing or hum to ourselves.

However, there is much more to it. Music is a scientifically proven way to relieve stress, boost creativity, improve your concentration and more.

Here is how you can use it to improve your life and your health:

  1. Music as a stress relief

When doing various stress relief activities like yoga or simply soaking in the tub, music can be a powerful aid to letting go of stress. Play some classical music tunes by Mozart or Vivaldi or simply play a few of your favourite songs – it doesn't have to be deep or profound, even pop songs work, as long as it is relaxing to you.

Music can be used in situations when you are dealing with a lot of stress as well. If your child is screaming and you don't know how to help him – put him in a safe place and play some music. Dealing with a bad situation at work? Take a bathroom break and play your favourite songs – you'll see just how powerful it can be.

  1. Music as a creativity booster

Sometimes while working, we don’t have the levels of creativity that we would like – especially if you are doing a job like writing or photography. This is where music jumps in to save the day. Many research studies have proven that music can not only boost your mood but your creativity and divergent thinking as well.

People have said that instrumental tunes often stimulate their memory and their creativity. You can even listen to it at home, with your children as a way to boost their divergent thinking.

  1. Music for improving positive focus

“As previously stated, music can do wonders for you in a working environment. If you, for instance, can't concentrate because you slept poorly last night, some tunes may give you the focus that you need. Search online for music that works best for you – instrumental music can give you the best results,” says Nicki Valdez.

  1. Music for relaxation

When relaxing, music can help you feel even better. It can promote the relaxation of tense muscles and other body parts. When your muscles relax and release that tension, your mind can relax as well. It can help you after a long day – or a long week – but it can also aid you in other relaxing activities like playing and bonding with your child. Playing music while playing with your kid – even dancing with your kid – can help build a stronger and better relationship between a mother and a child.

  1. Music for meditation

While meditating, you might find it useful to play some music. This can help you get to that peaceful state much faster. Also, if you don't really like meditating, music is a less complicated alternative. Just lay down – or sit – and press play. Close your eyes and focus solely on the music, without letting your thoughts interrupt.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need some assistance in finding focus at work, boosting your creativity on various tasks, taking a break from a long day or just having some you time, music is a great tool to help you out – follow these tips effectively.

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Joel is an IT analyst, coach, tutor and aspiring writer at
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