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Our lives are overwhelmed with stress and tension these days. In a constantly moving world, it’s important to take some time to find inner peace and reset your brain to help regain focus and calm. There’s a consciousness that can be tuned into when an individual looks inward and uses mantras to repeat positive affirmation that help focus the mind on calming, peaceful vibrations.

The Healing Power of Mantras

Mantras can be used anywhere, at any time stress begins to take over, and someone is overcome with feelings of being overwhelmed. Be it in traffic, at work or at home with the kids, there are a number of sources of stress in everyday life. Learning how to recognize these feelings and work through them is a huge step in living a happier and healthier life. We can’t always escape stress completely, but when we can see it creeping in on us, we can overcome it more easily and move onto the more positive aspects of life.

“Technology was designed to make our lives easier, to take much of the burden off of the individual. Ironically, it seems to have added an incredible amount of stress to our daily lives, as we are now constantly connected and available. It’s important to distance yourself from the chaos and stress of life and remember that inner peace and sanctity is vital to our overall health,” explains technology writer Jade Smith.

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Mind Over Matter

Although it may seem simple and even somewhat silly, repeating mantras to ourselves can actually have a huge impact. Controlling mind over matter is a powerful thing, and positive affirmations can help create that positive mindset to impact the things around us.

The more we are able to repeat these positive affirmations, the more they become hardwired in our brains and in our very essence. Here are some highly effective affirmations you may choose to include in your everyday life when you feel them to be most appropriate. When you’re reciting these affirmations, it’s good to put them into your own words, into the voice that you would normally use so they resonate more with you.

Affirmations For Finding Inner Peace and Calmness

  1. I am a channel of peace and well-being, and my need for peace is abundantly met.
  2. I unconditionally accept, love and appreciate myself and who I am.
  3. I recognize and am grateful for the abundance that is constantly flowing into my life.
  4. I feel, with every breath I take, a sense of peace and love.
  5. I help others live in a state of peace and love because I radiate peace and love to them.
  6. I exist as an island of calm even when I am in a sea of uncertainty.
  7. At this moment, right here and right now, all is well.
  8. I am able to liberate myself from my past and live with peace and serenity.
  9. I can see and appreciate all of the beauty that surrounds me.
  10. I am able to embrace love while letting go of fear.
  11. I find peace with the soothing silence of my inner soul.

When reciting your affirmations, always put them into the first person by using the word "I," because that reaffirms that these things are true about yourself. Speaking these words generally or in the third person does not bring the energy back into yourself, where it needs to be. “We can never lose sight of the individual and the importance of that. As much as the world has become a fast-paced, technology-driven space, the individual is still at the center of it all,” says Paul Keeney, AI specialist.

Make Them Your Own

The more frequently you repeat your affirmations, the more ingrained they will become in your very existence. Your brain will begin to rewire itself to accommodate these affirmations that it holds as truth. In a world that is increasingly finding new ways to add more stress into our lives, it’s important to keep our minds and bodies at peace, finding inner calmness with these positive affirmations. Take these affirmations, see which ones resonate most with you and make them your own. Change the wording so that they are in your own voice, and so that they are most meaningful to you. When you continue to use positive affirmations in your daily life, only positive things can flow from it.



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