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"In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity."

I attended a workshop recently on the topic of “flow” or what some people refer to as “the zone.”  We were discussing that professional athletes, musicians, and experts, create their best work in “the zone.”  

So, is being in “the zone” just for the extraordinary or can we mere mortals, doing well but seeking to do better, learn the tricks of the trade?  

We all have the ability to access flow, it’s just that some of us are more tuned in than others.  Flow is a state of being, an environment where one loses track of all time and space.  It is the state where creation is born.  Flow starts first thing in the morning before you open your eyes.  Flow can come in the midst of a shower or communing with nature.  

woman painting

We experience flow skiing down a mountain of deep powder with every turn we take.  As a professional singer at a very young age, I know now that every time I performed on stage, I was in “the zone.”  I went somewhere else. I was not aware of my surroundings, only feeling elation and personifying the song I was singing.
 Each of us has a talent or gift which takes us to this place, our most important task in life is discovering that gift.

The skill we want to acquire here is how to put ourselves into the zone more often.

Productivity soars in the zone, with a stream of pure effortlessness.  One of the recommendations made in the workshop was “taking a break.” When engaged in an activity that is not flowing, stopping to take a walk or changing your environment can reignite flow.  

girl reading a book outdoors

Equally as important as learning techniques of entry, is awareness of what blocks us from flow.  The most common block that keeps "the zone” at bay is fear; fear of anything or everything.  Fear keeps us out of flow.  Think about it, whenever we go into fear about something, we can not create, move, or achieve.  Flow is trust.  It is the confidence that you innately know what you are doing and feeling the joy in doing it.   

So, when was the last time you experienced flow?  Have you ever been in this state before?  Where were you, what were you doing?  What did it feel like?  Can you repeat your success or create it anew? 

10 Ways to Initiate Flow

  1.  Music
  2.  Focused fitness/sports
  3.  Being in nature
  4.  Give yourself a goal with a deadline
  5.  Doing what you love
  6.  Meditation/relaxation
  7.  Candles/incense
  8.  Stop and change your environment
  9.  Personal rituals or cues
  10.  Work in an energizing/inspiring location

person standing in front of a waterfall

The season of Spring is new growth and creation, new life and evolution. In order for us to be our Best Self, we need to understand how we create, and know when we are enjoying the process. I challenge you to design a list of your own.  

See you in “the zone!”


Stefanie Dumont
About Stefanie Dumont

Stefanie Dumont is a leading Executive and Empowerment Coach in San Diego.  For 18 years, she successfully helps cutting edge clients turn ambition, talent, and objectives into profit and happiness.  Shining achievements are her brilliant children. Alongside her husband, she enjoys adventure, travel, enlightened friends, and taking extraordinary action with people “going for it!”  

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