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There are many reasons why writing an effective schedule will bring you happiness and relief. One of the advantages is the ability to keep organized and finally take pressure off of your shoulders. Another great benefit of writing schedules down is your capacity to become more efficient and productive in your work.

Below are seven reasons of why you should write an effective schedule, and how you should change your life according to this program revision.

  • 1. Prioritize Your Activities
  • First and foremost, create a to-do list. What are your tasks for the upcoming week? Are there are assignments you’ll need to complete before starting to work on something else? After you’ve put up a detailed to-do list, rank your “to-dos” in a prioritized order.

    If, for example, one of your tasks is due next week, and another might be due in two weeks, always pick the first one as your ‘priority.’ Time management is easier to handle when you are aware of your deadlines, respect your time limits, and finish by the time you are required to.

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  • 2. Set Goals
  • The second step you must take in order to increase happiness is setting goals for yourself. Note #1: make goals achievable, don’t overwhelm yourself with endless tasks, make sure you are both working and relaxing. Here are some useful tips:

    • Decide what your necessities and future plans are
    • Consider and balance how much work you can handle per day/week/month
    • Make the first step a big step
    • Plan a rewards system that motivates you
    • Keep going even though you feel like giving up (by constantly reminding yourself why you do this)

    Note #2: if you don’t find a good reason to pursue your targets, consider switching to an activity you really enjoy. I worked at the best paper writing service in the country, and suddenly gave up when I realized it did not fit my future goals.

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  • 3. Identify Issues
  • Third step is identifying the things that might go wrong. Is there anything you anticipate will be difficult to accomplish? Are you particularly overwhelmed by certain tasks? Can you complement them with relaxing activities? These are the first questions that you need to ask yourself.

    After you’ve contemplated on your work flow and current involvement, make a plan that fixes and/or tries to minimize the problems that you are facing. For instance, say you are a freelancer, and your main job is to write quality content, but you also need to focus on bringing traffic to your website. How are you going to manage both of these humongous time-consuming tasks?

    First, set your goals, and prioritize which one of your assignments needs to be finished first. Then, identify the possible things that might go wrong. Would you be able to finish your second task (bringing traffic to blog) on time, or are you going to need help with that? If so, what are some possible online tools you could use in order to save time and increase efficiency? In this situation, some examples of good utensils are:

    • Using automatic technology to send out e-mails and promote your website,
    • Or delegating your tasks to other people.

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    4. Create a Routine
    After you’ve established your goals and identified potential problems, the forth step is creating a routine that keeps you accountable, and keeps your spiritual wellness on the good track. When we have a fixed schedule that we must stick to, we know exactly what the next step is. There is no more procrastination, and no more lost time. We are fully concentrated on our assignments, since we know that they must be completed. We create a routine that must be respected.

    Note #3: In case you are not capable of keeping yourself accountable, guide another person through sanctioning you, or taking rewards from you. It is a good way to stay on the right track, since there are so many times when we find it difficult to hold ourselves accountable.

  • 5. No Distractions
  • Get rid of distractions if you want to be an effective planner. Staying on top of your work will not happen unless you are aware of what makes you lose essential time. Once you identify the potential problems and distractions that could interfere with your productivity, write another list of actions you could take in order to avoid those distractions/problems.

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  • 6. Plan Some “You” Time
  • There should be some “you” time in every schedule that you make. In the end, who is the person who struggles the most in finishing tasks, and works hard to accomplish them? You! Thus, you must take breaks and spend some time doing what you enjoy in order to be productive. Being constantly caught in interminable assignments will drive you crazy! So, when you plan your next schedule, make sure to include “you” time in it!

  • 7. Take A Break, Have Some Fun
  • If you need more than alone time, take a week off and do whatever makes you happy. Travel, dance, write in your journal, talk to your friends, or go out for drinks. There are no set rules when it comes to effectiveness – all you must do is write down your activities, put up a schedule, and respect it as much as you can. But, note #4: do not forget! Take free time when you need it!


    Writing down assignments and mapping out plans is an effective way to advance in your area of expertise. You won’t lose time anymore, because you’ll already know what you have to do, and what your schedule looks like. It is time to stop procrastinating and get down to business. Thus, start writing.


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