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As I write this, 5 am.

I have gotten out of bed, prepared myself and headed straight to work.
Only to find I’ve actually got the night shift and that I will have to wait another eight hours...to get through eight hours of work.

Then I will sleep for eight hours and go back to work for another eight hours…such is the life of a shift worker I guess?
Only reaching my work and realising I do not have the open shift but the afternoon! Drag.
Either way I am simply happy that I get to come home take the uniform off and spend my time writing in bed whilst hydrating myself.

In this day and age it is easy to become lost by the whirlwind of technological advancement and bulk entertainment.

If my fingers had fingers. I still couldn’t count all the things I’ve been advertised on both hands!

1. Be happy with what you have.

Girl blowing bubbles in the city

The harsh truth that generally swirls in my mind when I get to this point, is that there are a lot of people out there who have a lot less then I do.

This isn’t to make one feel sorrow for people with less but to make one understand that often our happiness has already been achieved and that we are simply programmed to want more and more and more and more.

If you are able to sleep comfortably every night, you drink water from a tap and your not starving from the lack of food in your environment.

The chances are that your already a fair bit better off then some people in the world and that maybe! You are a victim of advertisement campaigns and mind melting media that is stopping you from seeing your reality.

By all means, set yourself goals and targets for what you want, reach for the stars if you so desire!

Don’t however let it become so much that you lose sight of what’s in front of you.

2. Take your hands off my wheel!


To some, the universe is driving their car for them, and to many others it’s many different things and I am not here to pluck those feathers.

I am however going to say, that you are only ever exactly were you are meant to be.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in our goals, our fears and our desires that we loose sight of love and we forget to enjoy the slow lane now and then. If the stress of your day to day is getting to be a little to much switch the flick and mentally take your hands off of the wheel.

Stop worrying about what could be, what might happen, what should be happening or what will happen if you don’t do something and just relax a little, it will all fall into place you just need to believe that it will!

It’s like my mother always told me…

“What’s for you

Won’t go past you.”

3. Acts of kindness

Holding a little bird

Justin Timberlake has it correct, what goes around most certainly comes back around.

The law of vibration states that energy flows in circular patterns, with this being said when I say something like do good and good will come to you….

We might find ourselves understanding that if we are wanting kindness and good things to be given to us, we must first put it out into the universe

When we act out of love and kindness only love and kindness will return, the same principles apply for anger, hate and spite.

Only you yourself can self reflect and see if you are truly putting more positive into the world than negative or if it is the other way around.

Don’t be alarmed if your not happy with what you find inside, no one is perfect but everybody can improve!

Remember that every time we see an opportunity for improvement, it is simply an opportunity to spread more love and kindness and that is a gift not a curse!

4. Meditate

man standing in field

Actually meditate!

I want to start off with something I can’t stress enough

Meditating is not about sticky taping your inner voices mouth shut and sitting there for as long as you can stand being silent.

I’ve met so many people who don’t like meditation because of this one concept and I want to slice it in half.

It’s something you can do but I don’t recommend, as it is not necessary to achieve the results.

Synonyms for meditation that show up from one simple google search are along the wavelength of (contemplation, reflection, consideration, reflection, prayer)

All of these require you to think.

All of these set your inner voice free.

Sit however you like, you don’t have to have your hands in perfect circles, you do however have to be comfortable and somewhat calm.

When your in your zone, simply allow thoughts to wash through your mind like a river or a steady stream, pay no attention to any specific thought more just allow your emotions to flow with them.

When you get off track, don’t get annoyed or frustrated, simply register that you are off track and calmly guide your thoughts back to complete flow.

Breath in deeply and out even deeper whilst doing this, you will be surprised how many of us don’t get our oxygen requirement due to our habit of short breathing, this can block energies and cause a lot of stress to build up.

5. Laughter is the best medicine.

Friends laughing

It’s true! really really true!

I have seen some of the darkest situations turn to the brightest simply by snapping the tension and the negative emotions and bringing some light into it.

Laughter is contagious, why?

Laughter is contagious because not only does it feel and look great on someone, but it releases so much positive energy that without even realising you could be infected and chortling up positive vibes yourself!

If your not feeling the best, or things just aren’t going your way and you can’t seem to stop the avalanche of destructive thoughts or actions from you or towards you.

Take a second to sit down, type comedy into google and see what comes up, if what happens after this is bad for you then ill eat my hat! (only if you make the hat out of chocolate and send it to me)

So what have you got to loose? Besides the time and money for my chocolate hat these are truly easy to interstate into your day to day and start a change for the better.


Jesse McLeanAbout Jesse McLean
Jesse McLean is a spiritual writer who After working for one of the biggest fast  food corporations in the world, decided to put focus  and energy into creating material that people will find useful in everyday life!
After spending several years training others to better themselves and achieve new heights, he now resides in Perth, Australia were he is about to start a new book and further continue his work on happiness and spirituality.