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I am at this gorgeous new mall and I want to buy a new dress, but I can’t decide.

Time is running out, I am getting late and I have to make it quick. Have you ever walked out of a store simply because you don’t know what to buy? Well then, welcome to the ‘don’t know’ block.

What a waste of time! I spent hours rummaging through dresses but couldn’t decide what looks the best. Maybe I should settle for something that’s okay, I mean I have to take something – how could I not buy after spending so many hours looking for the right dress, it’s not justified.

I don’t know what to do. Sometimes, I feel I am overwhelmed with this feeling of ‘don’t know what to do’,

Are you going to apply for a new job? ‘I don’t know’

Are you going to be able to make a decent living when you are 30? ‘I don’t know’

Are you sure you’re okay? ‘I don’t know’

Why don’t I know so many things? Am I spoiled for choices or is it genuinely that I don’t know. Why aren’t my decisions clear with a yes or a no for everything?

I don’t know.

Sigh! Do I have to decide and then feel great about it? Have the experience of being relieved only after having made a decision?

Isn’t it a relief sometimes for not having to decide, or not wanting to know? A sense of freedom for not holding ourselves responsible for what’s is going to happen next.

Sometimes it’s important to align ourselves to what we feel inside. To transgress from the I don’t know in the external to knowing what’s going on inside.

There is the amazing Universe out there that’s constantly communicating to our thoughts and feelings. I feel great today – so it doesn’t matter whether I get that right dress or not, I am going to concentrate on feeling great nevertheless, and the Universe will respond to that invariably.

I feel therefore I decide and not I decide therefore I feel.

So today I unleash out a treasure house of gratitude for all the ‘I don’t knows’ in my life.

I am grateful for not putting myself under this constant unconscious pressure having to decide every waking moment of my life. I am grateful for not having a decision for everything in life.

It’s us who puts a decision on the daily chores as ‘mundane’. The chores are as they are.

It would be difficult to believe that on happy days you have never enjoyed doing your chores.

It’s us who calls the salad ‘diet’ holding it responsible for all the weight we want to lose.

So lets trust the Universe in knowing that it will always take of the ‘don’t knows’ as long as we concentrate on feeling great in the present moment.

Let us live a little more appreciating the big I don’t knows, celebrating them as perfect answers to not knowing but believing.

Thank you.

About Vidhi Mehta
Vidhi is a Mumbai based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Spiritually curious, she loves to explore unconventional perspectives for a happy living. She believes in the power of human connection.  A lifetime is not enough to capture all the learning yet a moment of strong connection can be liberating. She is a technology nerd holding a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications and a lifelong learner’s license in the field of Spirituality. Certified Theta Healer, Kriya Yogi and an amateur Buddhist, she has been involved in community service projects since the past 11 years. She strongly believes that all it takes is an individual to change the world. You can share learner’s lesson tips with her at