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Have you ever questioned the path you are on?

It can be just one little thing that changes everything and guides us to a new phase of life. The moment I first started deeply questioning my path was in my mid-twenties while studying at university. This one "little" thing was experiencing the death of my father. Meanwhile, a long-lasting storm of emotional pain and sorrow had begun and I was not able to open my umbrella.

Previously I didn't save a spot in my day for mental ups and downs. Therefore, from the beginning, I was missing adequate coping strategies in order to discover my self-efficacy. While constantly falling into the deep mass of emptiness, I eventually reached the point of emotional absence. Since I had never deeply been in touch with extraordinary emotional conditions, the only plausible strategy was to create seclusion.

So I left my well-built comfort zone behind and started a reset stage. The space within solitude enabled me to welcome and work through deeply rooted negative thought and action patterns. My tool was writing. I found the most precious gift - the true feeling of joy, trust, and faith.

This is the moment a CAACTUS effect took place. That is what CAACTUS effect is all about - YOU!

CAACTUS effect is a transformation concept which is to some extent inspired by the cactus plant itself. Not only does the cactus have an astonishing outer appearance, but its development throughout hundreds of years is one of a kind. And by understanding its advanced progress we might be able to reflect our own adaptive responsiveness.

The so-called "performer of nature", the cactus has undertaken a complex upgrowth by firstly understanding the dynamic, vivid and hence changeable environment it lives in. One could say it started an inventory, whereby it observed a massive amount of impact that could possibly destroy or actually enhance its being. As a result, the cactus has activated an adaptive capability which has consequently led to a benefit of its own mechanism to transform and thereby sustain its own species. The key is to understand the importance of stress in the process of development as its own language.

The cactus' progress concerning its natural habitat and its proactive response, has inspired the following concept that is not only a homage to the actual cactus transformation but as well shares the same name: the CAACTUS effect.

What you are going to discover is a one-year blog project consisting of main contributions as well as an intro and outro phase. CAACTUS is an acronym and also an indicator of a three-step phase model. In order to put the CAACTUS into effect, one blog article will be published every single Monday of 2019's calendar weeks. This setting is being used as a framework to visualize progress. The perspective indicates a consecutive structure, therefore it enables a coordinated approach in order to reach high levels of awareness, acceptance, and transformation. The regularly published blog articles will give you the possibility of rethinking set structures, developing adaptive responsiveness by knowing and understanding natural causes, and activating personal commitment by establishing and pushing positive mental attitudes.

What we need to understand is that we do not have to despise or exclude something that we have created. If anything we need to get in touch with our individual comprehension of what we are surrounded by, the decisions that lead us and the attitude we establish and put into practice. What I see in excessive demands and stress is the chance to realize personal awareness and individual evolvement. 

So get in touch with your stress and make CAACTUS the prick worth dealing with - starting on December 31st, 2018 and finishing on December 30th, 2019.


About Anastasia Voutsa

Anastasia enjoys getting to know foreign cultures, deep talks and unconventional living settings. She is a passionate writer and a convinced minimalist - that is why she is known by the name Ana. Her fascination concerning the motivational and transformational capacities of human beings led to a Master´s degree in adult education with a focus on health promotion. Ana is a big enthusiast when it comes to stress comprehension and management. That is the reason why she initiated the CAACTUS effect - a personal growth blog project. Her overall inspiration of life and its dynamic reached to the conclusion that life is more than a romantic fortune cookie - it is our creational impact.

Website: www.caactuseffect.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/caactuseffect/
Pinterest: www.pinterest.de/caactuseffect/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/caactuseffect/

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