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Wellness, contrary to belief, is not just about the absence of illness. There’s more to the quality of our life than simply not being sick, and modern-day living can sometimes make it difficult to remember this. We get stuck in that fast-paced chaos of work, errands, and appointments, and we barely notice how much it drains us, bit by bit, until we’re completely exhausted.

So, what is physical wellness about? It’s about a certain mindfulness, about self-care, about knowing what’s good for you and what will bring you long-term benefits. It’s about putting yourself first and feeling good and motivated each day of your life. Are you eager to become healthier and introduce some great habits into your routine? Then here are some of the things that you can do.

The importance of sleep

It’s really high time we’ve all gotten a good night’s sleep. If you keep feeling weary and unfocused throughout the day, one of the first things to do is take steps to normalize your sleep pattern. No more late nights in front of the TV, no more sleeping in on weekends—go to bed and get up at the same time each day and you’ll have a much easier time staying awake and having energy when you need it. Sleep gives our body the chance to heal and recuperate its strength, and depriving yourself of it only leads to stress and illness. Let go of all the electronics several hours before bed, and sip on a cup of warm chamomile tea if you have trouble dozing off. It will make it easier to relax and shut your brain off, and you’ll be eager to get your rest.

Balance in everything

Everything in life revolves around moderation. Work, relationships, health—it’s all about achieving a certain balance, about pausing to think about what we need and what will really benefit us in the long run. It’s not about putting all your effort into one thing, but about investing time into all aspects of your life. You can’t have good physical health if your mental health is low, and vice versa. One will boost the other, so remember to address all your needs if you want to achieve health and happiness.  

Inspiring yourself to work out

About 150 minutes of moderate weekly exercise is needed for our bodies to function well. While most people are aware of this, they don’t quite know how to push themselves to actually stick to a workout instead of letting their motivation dwindle after a few months.

Well, it’s easier than you might think, and it all begins with the right attitude. Do this because you want it, do it because it’s fun. Stop thinking of it as a terrible chore that the world is forcing you to go through, and make the whole process fun as hell. Pick a workout that you actually enjoy, and start taking selfies to track your progress to a slim, toned body. Get a rockin’ playlist to listen to, and find a friend to join you. Find yourself a great outfit that makes you want to move whenever you put it on—a stylish racer-back shirt, a pair of comfy Nike shoes, an oversized hoodie in a fun color, and a pair bottoms that really make your bum look spectacular. Admire yourself in the mirror after you’re done with a workout, and start loving the way your body transforms little by little each day.

Being active every day

In addition to regular exercise, you could also teach yourself how to be an active person who craves to keep moving instead of sitting around and zoning out in front of the TV. Small things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, riding your bike to work, going out for walks with your family, and organizing weekend trips to nature can all contribute to waking up energy and motivation inside of you.

Nutrition for good health and endurance

Another essential part of our physical health is nutrition. A diet of junk food and candy never took anyone very far, and if you want to prevent disease and feel good in your own body, you have to start eating well. Make sure your diet is full of veggies, lean meat, whole grains, fruit, and nuts, and limit your sugar intake to a minimum. You can get more than enough sugar from fruit, and things like soda and sweets have zero nutritional value to them. Eating well will improve your health and energy levels, aid weight loss, and simply make you feel better in your own skin.


Self-care for a healthy mind

Self-care is an essential part of our wellbeing, especially if it’s focused both on our mind and body. Things like yoga and meditation can really help, especially if you allow yourself to really sink into that peaceful state and release all the negative energy from your chest. Create a good self-care ritual to get you through the week, and make sure to turn to it whenever you feel stress is about to overwhelm you.

A healthy mindset is the first step to reaching overall wellness. Remember, you’re doing this for yourself, because it will benefit you, because it will make you look and feel good. Allow yourself to be excited about the journey and you’ll go far.


About Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith is beauty and style blogger, an eco-lifestyle lover, graphic designer and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about natural skincare, minimalist wardrobe, yoga and mindful living. Sophia writes mostly about lifestyle-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including: Eco Warrior Princess, Mother Earth Living, Bonvita Style, Cause Artist, Just Haves, How to Simplify, Secret Garden and Carousel. You can find out more about her writing by following her on:  Facebook  Twitter  Google +