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Until last week, I had no clue who Anthony Bourdain was. But in no time, everywhere I looked on social media, there were posts, tweets, quotes, images reminiscing him, remembering him, missing him.

I wondered what he would have felt like, if he would have seen this kind of outpour when he was alive, how he would have looked at his life, himself, his thoughts and feelings.  I read up on his life, and it seemed it like he was doing the things he loved, had received so much critical acclaim, and yet there was something that hurt him so deep that he could not live with it any longer.

The World Health Organisation states, globally, more than 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression. So while on the exterior, we are the most comfortable, independent, efficient generation ever, on the inside we have never struggled more.

The level of peace, joy, and wellbeing is at an all-time low. Perhaps the so-called success we give up everything for – our families, our children, our health, our internal calling, is the real reason behind it. Being successful isn’t easy, it’s so pressurized, so lonely, or so empty that it triggers depression in those you’d least expect it.

anthony bourdain

While, I am no pro or authority on depression, I’ve had some struggles with feeling down and dejected by life. When we are so deep down in the burrows of our sorrows, it becomes difficult to help ourselves or find that ray of light.   

Even though I never knew you dear Anthony Bourdain, I don’t want your untimely passing away to just go by as another suicide attempt. There is a learning in your extreme action for all of us to take note – that each one of us has to be a light bearer for the other, and one simple way we could do that is by expressing appreciation for them. What if we outpoured our love to the people we love and recognize and adore while they are living? What if we chose a person in our life each day, be it a family member or a friend or a celebrity and start a movement to appreciate them, remind them of the things we love about them with the hashtag #youmattertous.

woman on stormy beach

Let’s go all out with our love while people are here, able to hear us. Who knows how one encouraging word, tweet, message, picture, quote turns someone from ending to beginning their lives once again?

There are enough research studies that show there may be nothing more precious than the feeling that we truly matter — that we contribute unique value to the whole, and that we’re recognized for it.

And because, we as a community are working towards uplifting those who matter, we really are helping ourselves by connecting with others, thinking better, feeling better, and being positive so we can experience less depression, greater calm, fewer pains and better health. It’s a win-win situation all the way, and one that won’t take more than a few minutes of your time ☺

Are you with me on this? Use the hashtag #YouMatterToUs to show your support. Make a difference. Change a life. We do not want to see another Anthony Bourdain or Kate Spade go like this. Please.

NishkaAbout Nishka Mangali
Nishka Manglani is passionate about writing and perspectives and shares both her loves on her Instagram account @nishkawrites.  A PR & Communications professional, Nishka lives in Dubai and is a full time mommy on a journey to help her child aim for the stars, so he can turn some into superstars ☺