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Don’t worry, be happy – you must have heard it, you must have said it, and you must have tried to do it at least once in your life.

What is life all about? Delight? Pleasure? Suffering? Pain? Well, life’s about everything. Can you choose to experience the positive emotional impulses that YOU desire? Yes, absolutely.

Our work often puts us down, bringing stress, suffering, and pain into our lives. However, we’re intellectual and spiritual beings. Our mind is not subject to our thoughts while our thoughts are subject to thoughts. Simply put, use your WILL to change the way you think, and you WILL achieve harmony and happiness even if your work is pressing you harshly.

Stress kills because it calcifies your immunity system, a cause that will bring negative outcomes such as diseases, a lower brain performance, and also the lack of balance and happiness.

Here are several insights on how you can let go of the stress and pain that comes to your pressing professional life:

Approach a Cause-and-Effect Mindset

The wisest people think in cause-and-effect terms.

They understand that every cause will contribute to the creation of an effect. Therefore, the conscious actions and the balanced decisions they take NOW (the causes they set in motion) will create harmony and happiness (effects) in their FUTURE state because they’ve already considered and anticipated the effects.

desk with laptop, coffee and notepad

Read my previous sentence as many times you need. Once you understand it entirely, you’ll also understand that in its simplicity there is a truly powerful tool that can change your life.

Use the cause-and-effect thinking to understand what causes have led to your current circumstances (your emotions, your work, your happiness, your life in general).

Use the cause-and-effect thinking to figure out what you must do next in order to CHANGE your life, thoughts, emotions, actions, job, spouse, experiences, place of living, etc.

Do that and you WILL be balanced and happy.

Find Out the TRUE Why Behind Your Work’s Hustle

Don’t expect the world to bring you happiness. You see, happiness is a state. It is subjective because every individual has his own perception of what it means to be happy (and it’s exactly with all the other feelings). Therefore, you should first assess what you want to achieve.

If it’s financial wealth that you’re aiming for, great, but WHY? Why do you want “the money”? Do you have a specific moral purpose? It could be:

  • To sustain yourself and your family
  • To be able to experience more things in life, more emotions, see more places, meet more people, etc.
  • To help other people or beings because you truly CARE?
  • To perceive and leverage money as ENERGY or as merely pieces of matter, WITHOUT becoming attached to it?

work mates working together


  • To gather, collect, and consume more things for the pure joy of attachment.
  • To gain power with the purpose of using it unwisely, even though you know you may do BAD and WRONG to other people
  • To consolidate your comfort zone “I can sit comfortably because now I can pay my bills/now I can do whatever I want so that means my EFFORT to IMPROVE is over.

As you may see, there may be different reasons for which each person must/chooses to work. When the stress, the hustle, and the pain come along, our tendency is to immediately and subconsciously reassess our REASONS for the pain we’re enduring.

Therefore, if the reasons are well placed, are moral, contribute to good, and do not harm others, you will be a stronger character. You will get past your discomforts easily and you will be able to eventually change your circumstances.

Mark Harvey is my best friend. He wanted to add something to my post, so here it is:

“Do daily introspections that involve a comprehensive analysis of your current belief system, your reasons for doing what you do, and also of the way your life goes. Become your own ruler and gain the control over your life!”

  1. We both agree that you will never achieve the effects that you desire if you are IGNORANT. If the information I’m putting here makes real sense and you perceive it is as the TRUTH, please, take action on it!


Focus on What You Must Learn

When you come across “problems’, perceive them as lessons. You should always learn from what you experience in the present moment, otherwise, you’re wasting your time because life’s all about learning. Don’t take things personally, try to think more profoundly, and try to surround the big picture when thinking, feeling, and acting.

Live the Present Moment

Don’t get stuck in your mind. Instead, put your focus on what’s going on around you. Don’t try to “shut your mind up” – no, you need to let it calm down.

How do you do that?

Simply by FOCUSING on other things. Simpler things that happen in front of your face: the wind that blows on a flower, the sunlight reflecting in the water, the feeling of your heartbeats, the sound of your breath.


You can choose to live your life in suffering or you can choose to put your attention on more meaningful things. Look inside, get to know yourself better, and improve your filter of perception. Honestly, that is truly the most effective way of achieving harmony and happiness every time your professional life tries to put you down!

About Stephanie Proper
Stephanie Proper is a writer and career strategist. She has 10 years of experience in HR and recruiting. She works at Resume Writing Services Reviews where she tries to help people to develop their CV writing skills, write about building a successful career and pass through a job interview as smoothly as possible.