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Project Happiness Articles — generosity

Blog posts from happiness experts, covering everything from gratitude, mindfulness, social emotional learning, altruism and service, wellness, freedom, forgiveness, social connection, purpose, soul, self-love, compassion, and everything under the massive happiness umbrella. Browse our blog posts, or write for us!

Gratitude Gravy

Thanksgiving is suffering from Middle Child Syndrome. Halloween rolls in like the younger sibling: full of charisma and charm, in full party-mode!  Christmas, obviously the older sibling, looms responsibly tall, revered and sacred. Thanksgiving?  Well...it's stuffed in the middle. Turduckenned.
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How Did a Falafel House in Tennessee Become the Nicest Place in America?

Back in May, Project Happiness Founder Randy Taran teamed up with Reader’s Digest and judges including Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts to ask you where is the Nicest Places In America. We received hundreds of applications, and in June, we shortlisted the Top 10. America voted and now the results are in!
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