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Whenever something bad happens, one of the first few things that people tell you are that “Life’s tough”, “things happen”, “Mother Nature is cruel”, and so on.

After that, come the remarks of “I’m sorry this happened to you”, “Bad things happen to good people”, and such.

Some even take it one step further by explaining how strong you are, and how you can get over it.

People often try to get you to not worry about your problems through different ways; either through food or various activities. Finally, comes the part where some get fed up by your troubles and beseech you to “get over it”, or by stating things like how “other people have it worse than you”. In the end, it all comes back to the same cycle.

city in a storm

Our life is filled with storms of terrible experiences and moments, even if we don’t deserve them, especially when we don’t deserve them, and we have to find shelter in it, either because someone else is facing a more severe one or because it is inconveniencing those around us.

I hate it.

That is not how the world gets better. That is not how we are meant to live. I don’t know about any of you, but if I take the courage to express my problems and my feelings, and people tell me those same things that everyone else says, it hurts me even more. I don’t express my feelings often. In fact, I never tell people how I’m truly feeling because it embarrasses me to declare that I have a mental issue.

Especially things that may be meaningless, pointless even. It takes a lot of trust and friendship for someone like me to reveal those thoughts. For me personally, the solution is not in the response I get at that point in time, but in the future.

friends laughing

I believe that over the ages, through the passing of time. We have lost two incredibly important characteristics. I think that if we were to regain these two simple things, our lives would become so much better than they are, and we would be able to survive the storm that rages in our minds. The best part is that one of them leads to the other. I’ve tested it on myself, and it has certainly helped me.

Simply put, we have forgotten the idea of a true community, a true bond of friendship, and that has caused us to lose hope.

Hope for the future is what keeps a smile on our faces. It gives us a reason to keep going. It gives us the strength we need to not only find the shelter through this thunder but to fly through it, to soar above the clouds, and to finally be able to feel the sunlight.

It is hope that we, as a people, need to rediscover, and it is hope, that is keeps us driving forward. Especially for me, the hope that one day, I will make it through, is the reason why I keep fighting my battles.

Here comes the catch though. Having hope gives you the strength to fight, but you can’t win the fight on your own. Different people face different challenges. Sometimes, your strength is not strong enough. Sometimes, you need a team. If I go to someone to ask them to join my battalion, I wouldn’t want them telling me that “everything will be alright,” that, “I don’t deserve this”, that I “I should get over”.

homeless man holding a seeking kindness sign

NO! What I would want, and what I think everyone else in my place would also want, is someone who comes to you, and asks you if they can be a part of your squad.

So, this is a shout-out to everyone in this beautiful world of ours! Either we are fighting this battle of depression or we know someone or have heard of someone fighting this war. We’ve heard of so many people lose their fights. As the ones that are suffering, we want to win it. As the one’s watching, we don’t want our loved ones to lose. So, in my opinion, the happiness factor in life is two-fold and relies on everyone in order to work.

The first thing we need to do, the first thing that I need you all to promise me. I’ve made an oath to myself, and as you read this, I want you to put your hands over your heart and make a pledge to yourself.

“No matter what happens, no matter how I feel, I chose to believe that there is a better life out there waiting for me. Whether I am religious and believe in life after death, in reincarnation, or neither. I promise that I will not lose the hope that my life will get better one day, no matter how long it takes. Even if it never happens, I promise that I will continue to believe that it will.”

The second thing that I need you all to promise me, the second pledge that you need to make, still keeping your hands over your beautiful heart.

snowball heart

“I will not wait for someone to come to me, I will go to them. Whether I meet someone for the first time, for the fifth time, or for the umpteenth time, I will ask them how they are doing that day. I will not be the person that simply replies, but rather, I will be the one that inquires. I will do what I can to create a genuine community around me, and I will join the army of anyone that needs me.”

I know, all of this is easier said than done. It takes a lot of strength and commitment to actually follow through it all. If it helps, I’ve started doing it myself and It has really helped me. It has helped me so much so, that I decided to build a community. It is called The Social Word. I built this community to connect the world and to help everyone overcome their mental struggles.

the social word logo

My goal is to create a community of people that spread positivity and happiness. By having people actively speak to each other, by showing the people that don't really speak to others (for whatever reason) that there is someone out there who still values them as a person and who wants to get to know them and be friends with them.

If you believe in my vision. If you want to be a part of my community. If you want to fight your own battles and help others fight theirs, join us. Help spread the word. Let’s end depression, lets end loneliness. Let’s help each other find the miracles of this world.

Follow the Social Word on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the happiness factor, and any recommendations you would have.


Wali ZiaAbout Wali Zia
My friends call me 'Wall-E' after the animated movie. I believe that a person's purpose in life is often defined by the meaning behind their names. At least, I believe that mine is. My name means a protector, a guardian, a true best friend. I have spent my whole life trying to be just that to every single person I meet. I have recently started The Social Word, with the intention, that I can be just that for every single person in the world.

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