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Project Happiness Articles

Blog posts from happiness experts, covering everything from gratitude, mindfulness, social emotional learning, altruism and service, wellness, freedom, forgiveness, social connection, purpose, soul, self-love, compassion, and everything under the massive happiness umbrella. Browse our blog posts, or write for us!

Own Your Reality

You are not a preprogrammed robot designed to respond in an automatic way to stimuli from others, where you live without options. 
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When You've Given Until it Hurts

All this begs the question: How can we give of ourselves in a way that not only makes the world a better place, but makes also makes us feel good?
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What Does It Mean To Love Yourself?

A lot of us have never encountered educational curriculum when we were growing up regarding how to love ourselves. It's often challenging to know what loving ourselves looks like.
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The Power of Kindness

The Project Happiness Key Club 'Rake-a-Thon' was a huge success. The Dearborn High School students showed great spirit and their community members were very appreciative!
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8 Steps to Manifest Abundance

In her latest book, The Abundance Loop, Juliana outlined the 8 Steps to Manifest Abundance using the power of gratitude. Below is a sneak peak of these steps to shift from scarcity to abundance:
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Beauty As A Force For Change

I think it enables me or anyone to basically connect with the deepest part of your soul because you are recognizing and identifying yourself with universal rhythms and patterns, which is what nature shares with you… like looking at the veins going through a leaf, or the veins going through your body. 
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What if Airing Our Weaknesses Was Actually a Sign of Strength?

For a long time, I’ve held the optimistic notion that most people want to believe what they do is righteous. As much injustice as there is, most of us are simply scrambling up Maslow’s hierarchy (or the spiral dynamics) in pursuit of love, esteem, and self-actualization……even if we scramble in ways that might be considered ungraceful, or downright unjust.
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Why Creativity Makes Us Feel More Alive

In my 20’s there were days, I felt unhappy. Days, I didn’t want to get out of bed. There was always something calling to me, though, whispering to pull me out of the dull drums. Something saying, “You know I bet if you did this, you would feel some love and happiness.”
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How to Create More Magic in Your Life

As we grow into adults, a lot of people find it difficult to feel these emotions. We accumulate numerous layers of conditioning, while attempting to fit into society’s moulds. In this way, our curiosity and sense of wonder gradually gets diminished and is replaced with a scepticism and seriousness.
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10 Things Creative People Do

Have you ever wondered why some people are more creative than others? Did you ever wish that you had more of that particular gene? The good news is that research shows that happiness and creativity are not only related, they can be developed.
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