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Project Happiness Articles

Blog posts from happiness experts, covering everything from gratitude, mindfulness, social emotional learning, altruism and service, wellness, freedom, forgiveness, social connection, purpose, soul, self-love, compassion, and everything under the massive happiness umbrella. Browse our blog posts, or write for us!

Happiness in the Midst of Cancer

I have learned that experiences never occur in a vacuum. That is, there are always other people with whom we share life. I found happiness through the people who cared for me, and the faith, hope, and unceasing love they imparted. In reflecting upon my own experiences with cancer, I have identified two constant and continual “avenues of happiness” from within the “frame of experience” of my own journey through cancer. Perhaps these will bring some peace, hope, and healing to those of you who read this also. Your healing, in whatever form that may come, is my hope.
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I'm Sorry I'm Not Always The Sun

When we get into a relationship we seem to try to be perfect, we wear masks for fear of not having that person see us the same way they originally thought, we won’t show parts of ourselves because we don’t want to admit our faults, in fear of not being loved.
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Letting Go is Not a Grand Parade

I’ve been carrying around my bad mental habits, my sad stories, and my anxieties for as long as I can remember. I drag them around like a big sack of loose rocks slung over my shoulder digging into my collarbone, or sometimes as one united boulder like Sisyphus shuffling up the eternal hill. As a life practice, I have always known that dragging around cognitive boulders is a poor choice, but had never been totally certain how not to do it.  The nebulous suggestion I’d always hear would be to simply just “let it go.” I’d heard the phrase a thousand times in different contexts: echoed from the Dalai Lama in books, whispered with a stringy guitar in folk songs,...
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Happiness is a State of Mind: Here is how to achieve it

"Happiness is inside of you, and you can achieve it anytime you like, no matter the outside circumstances." How many times have you heard this phrase? Although it sounds completely legitimate, it seems unachievable, at least to you. Most of us are like this. Here are the steps you can take starting today to bring more happiness in your life.
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How to Build Self Esteem

Self esteem is described by Psychology Today as “self judgement” or how one perceives their own sense of personal worth. Self esteem tends to fluctuate at different parts of one’s life, raising during times of victory or growth and waning a bit when things aren’t going well. A low self esteem is associated with higher rates of anxiety and depression. It’s important to nurture one’s self esteem and there are many ways to do so.
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How to Keep a Journal for Self-Improvement and Achieving Your Goals

Do you know what you want in life? Do you know what direction and path you want to take? This is one of the biggest questions human beings around the world ask themselves, and to many of us, it’s perhaps one of the most daunting. However, if you’ve got the determination and the drive, it can be one of the most exciting times of your life to set out to turn your dreams into a reality.
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5 Ways To Build Happiness: Lessons from a brain hemorrhage survivor

After searching and seeking for something that can give me a purpose in life it’s so overwhelming to understand and know exactly what it is.  What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning? Why am I here? Lots of people get into the same habits or follow others in being the same way, doing the same thing and talking in a similar manner. But each one of us is individual and we all have our own purpose and being. What’s yours?   I know that I am a creative person that loves being outside with nature, I love painting and cooking but because of the lifestyle I was leading it left me no time at all to keep...
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Why You Should Limit Your Daily Technology Use

Limiting your daily technology use is a goal almost anyone can undertake. It can be a New Year’s resolution, and (funnily enough) there are plenty of apps to help you out. Here are just a few reasons you should think about minimizing how much technology you use.
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The Pursuit Of Happiness

"Make a list of things that make you happy.Make a list of thing you do every day.Compare the lists. Adjust accordingly."
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7 Common Roadblocks Keeping You from the Life You Want

As a licensed naturopathic physician with twenty years of integrative medical practice under my belt, I have seen over and over again that when people are trying to make change—whether this is a diet change, a lifestyle change, or an attitude change—their limitations, habits, and tendencies can get in the way of their best intentions.
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